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What These Stars From My 600-Lb Life Look Like Today

My 600-lb Life star Nikki Webster, Close-up

Plenty of reality shows feature dramatic transformations, but few chronicle the intense metamorphoses that are documented on the popular TLC program My 600-lb Life. Since its inception in 2012, dozens of men and women have had their lives changed, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Based in Houston, Texas, Nowzaraden performs weight loss surgery on patients who oftentimes are desperate to improve their quality of life bluetooth headphones before it’s too late. And while the journey is never easy for these people, it’s worth it to be able to reclaim their lives and accomplish goals they had previously given up on.

Some of these brave souls have gone on to become social media stars, thanks to their reality television fame. That gives us additional access into their lives, allowing us to keep up on what happens — even after their follow-up segments have aired. So without further ado, here’s the skinny on some of the most popular stars from My 600-lb Life. You won’t believe how amazing they look today!

Melissa Morris achieved her lifelong dream after My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life star Melissa Morris, before and after

The OG of My 600-lb Life, Melissa Morris was the very first person featured in the show. These days she’s in a much different place. While an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? revealed that Melissa’s weight has fluctuated over the years, you can see on her Instagram page that that she’s living her best life every day.

If you’re familiar with Melissa’s journey, you know that having children was something she desperately wanted. Despite her unlikely odds (a doctor once told her she only had a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant, according to her TLC interview), Melissa sperry shoes became a mom to Allona on May 1, 2010. Today, she’s a mom three times over, according to a post on her Instagram page.

On top of her motherhood duties, which definitely keep her busy, Melissa also speaks publicly about her journey. She’s also been active in Weight Watchers for several years now. Additionally, she’s been going to concerts, enjoying time at the beach, catching baseball games, and reading books. There’s no slowing her down!

My 600-lb Life star Zsalynn Whitworth found a man worthy of her love

My 600-lb Life star Zsalynn Whitworth, before and after

Season 2 of My 600-lb Life opened with Zsalynn Whitworth’s story, which famously included her manipulative and unsupportive husband, who prioritized his fetish over Zsalynn’s literal life. Fortunately for her, the couple finally got a divorce, which she confirmed in a follow-up segment. They still share joint custody of their daughter, but the romance is long since over.

In the segment, Zsalynn also got candid about her emotional state. She admitted that she struggled with loneliness and depression, as well as her cravings for sweets following the divorce. In spite of those challenges, however, she decided that she wants to press forward and finally get skin removal surgery. She also expressed a desire to be more active and start dating — certainly worthy ambitions.

And it paid off! From the looks of it, Zsalynn found someone special. Check out this adorable photo she posted on Facebook of her making goo goo eyes at a new man — good for you, girl! Additionally, you can see just how much her daughter Hannah has grown up to be her mama’s mini-me in this photo. Looks like everything’s going swimmingly for Zsalynn now!

My 600-lb Life’s Paula Jones is now a confident selfie queen and outspoken advocate

My 600-lb Life star Paula Jones, before and after

Paula Jones, who had an especially emotional episode in Season 2 of My 600-lb Life, is living the dream of long-term weight loss success these days. For one, you can tell just by looking at pictures of Paula on her Instagram and Facebook pages that she’s in great shape, especially when you consider where she started.

She’s not afraid to pose in a swimsuit, or post selfies with salomon boots her arms bared, which shows that she knows she’s cute! But Paula also keeps herself accountable, admitting when she has to stick to her diet and work out on the reg. And while she’s faced health issues like kidney stones, that hasn’t stopped her from staying the course of her weight loss journey.

These days, Paula speaks publicly at weight loss events. She’s also outspoken about the obesity epidemic, which has claimed the lives of some of her friends and loves ones. “It is so senseless since it is preventable,” she shared in a post. “It just isn’t easy.” Indeed it isn’t, but Paula sure is a role model.

Malia And Sasha Obama’s Head-Turning Transformations

Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama

Malia and Sasha Obama’s head-turning transformations have been astonishing to watch throughout their years in the spotlight.

Of course, the Obama sisters’ lives will never be “normal.”  After all, they spent their formative years living in the White House while their father, Barack Obama, served two consecutive terms as U.S. President. For Malia and Sasha, this meant going to school (and essentially everywhere else) with armed hey dude guards in tow, playing make believe surrounded by hundreds of years of American history, and eating family meals prepared by a full staff.

Still, the Obama sisters had an ace card — their mother, Michelle Obama — who ensured their childhood was as normal as possible during the eight years the family spent living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In the past, children of presidents have been the subject of tabloid gossip; however the Obamas were very strict about what was shared about their girls. Malia and Sasha were teenagers before the public knew anything about them, and both ladies have continued to retain an elegant distance from the media even upon entering college and becoming burgeoning style icons with their flawless fashion. Here’s a look at the head-turning transformations of Malia and Sasha Obama.

Malia and Sasha Obama were brought into the world by IVF

Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Barack Obama

Malia and Sasha Obama are presidential children who grew up to be gorgeous inside and out, thanks to the determination of their mother, Michelle Obama.

Michelle detailed plenty of things fans never knew about Malia and Sasha in her memoir, Becoming – such as how she was ultimately forced to undergo IVF treatment in order to conceive both of her daughters (via the Associated Press).”We were trying to get pregnant and it wasn’t going well. We had one pregnancy test come back positive, which caused us both to forget every worry and swoon with joy, but a couple of weeks later I had a dr martens boots miscarriage, which left me physically uncomfortable and cratered any optimism we felt,” she heartbreakingly recalled of her difficult path to motherhood.

With her husband working full time, Michelle was left to inject herself with hormones, which she wrote about using to “manipulate” her body into getting pregnant. Thankfully, the incredibly stressful process was successful — and Barack and Michelle Obama eventually saw their dreams of having a family of their own come to life.

Malia and Sasha Obama’s sleepovers required armed guards

Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, and Michelle Obama

Malia and Sasha Obama’s head-turning transformations were undoubtedly influenced by their time living in the White House — which, as one might imagine, offered many perks for the young sisters.

However, there were plenty of rules the presidential kids had to follow, as Michelle Obama told Gayle King during an interview at the 2019 Essence Festival (via CBS News). After all, the Obama sisters couldn’t attend normal activities for kids their age — such as sleepovers — without having intimidating Secret Service agents in tow.

As Michelle hilariously recalled to King, she would have to phone ahead to advise expectant parents that their personal details would need to be submitted in advance, and a sweep of their home would have to be carried out, too. According to the first lady, those phone calls would go something like, “Thank you for having Malia and Sasha over. Oh, by the way, there’s gonna be a man with a gun sitting outside of your door all night.” Michelle continued, joking, “Let him come in and use the bathroom. It would just be nice.”

Malia and Sasha Obama often embarrassed their parents

Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama

Malia and Sasha Obama aren’t exactly known to be presidential kids who live insanely lavish lives.

Michelle Obama ensured her daughters’ lives were as normal as they could be, constantly reminding them that their father’s job had nothing to do with them (via CBS News). However, raising them to be normal kids — even in the midst of their father’s historic presidential campaign — led to some funny family moments. As Michelle recalled in Becoming (via Express), during an early interview with Access Hollywood, her daughters proved they steve madden shoes knew how to lovingly embarrass their dad on national television.

According to the former first lady, Malia — who was 10-years-old at the time — spent the interview earnestly considering every question before answering, admitting her father did annoying stuff like trying to shake her friends’ hands when they came over to play. Contrastingly, seven-year-old Sasha remained mostly nonplussed throughout the interview, interjecting only to enquire as to when they’d all be getting ice cream. However — as Michelle recalled in Becoming — in an especially hilarious moment toward the end of the interview, her youngest daughter gleefully exclaimed, “Daddy had an Afro once!”

Malia and Sasha Obama had to find normalcy in the White House

Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Barack Obama

rowing up, Malia and Sasha Obama played pretend like other kids their age; however, their fantasies were quite obviously influenced by their lives as first daughters. For example, as Michelle Obama revealed to Gayle King during an interview at the 2019 Essence Festival (via USA Today), her daughters’ playtime would often include a wishful game of “pretend-those-armed-Secret-Service-agents-aren’t-there.”

In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, the former first lady admitted to initially having concerns about raising her daughters in the White House, saying, “I was extremely worried about raising our daughters in that environment, with butlers ready to bring them ecco shoes anything they wanted and photographers hoping to snap a picture of them any time they stepped foot outside the house,” she recalled.

Thankfully, Malia and Sasha turned out to be far more resilient than their mother anticipated. As it turns out, the first daughters were far more interested in being regular kids than they were in the presidential trappings coloring their existence. According to Michelle Obama, Malia and Sasha had curfews, would make their own beds, and would help with household chores as needed — just like regular kids.