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Tom Hanks admits doubts over ‘Forrest Gump’ bus bench scenes

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump in one of the famous bench scenes.

Finch review: Tom Hanks is a post-apocalypse castaway with charming robot chums

Where’s Wall-E? A winning CG robot joins Hanks for a relatively gentle end-of-the-world on Apple TV Plus.

Tom Hanks in Finch

Tom Hanks is one man and his dog (and their robot) in Finch.

Finch takes us to the end of the world… again. But this familiar trek across the post-apocalypse on Apple TV Plus has two unique selling points: Tom Hanks and robots.

Originally titled BIOS, Finch was meant to come out in late 2020. Bought up by Apple and retitled to a less ambiguously pronounced name, Finch streams on Apple TV Plus this Friday, Nov. 5.

The film opens with a familiar setup. The world has ended and an apparently lone survivor (the titular Finch, played by Hanks) loots a store, tags it with a spray can and heads back to his base where we see the hardscrabble life he’s carved for nike sneakers himself. It’s something you’ve seen before in every post-apocalypse drama from I Am legend to A Quiet Place to Wall-E.

The film takes on something of its own texture when Hanks jumps into a giant dump truck and storms down the street crunching cars, although that gleefully muscular tone doesn’t last. Soft-voiced, shambling and gray-whiskered, Hanks is in Cast Away mode as a mild engineer keeping himself busy with a library of books in a secure silo.

Helmed by Emmy-winning Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik, Finch is a visual treat thanks to a combination of sweeping vistas and clever CGI effects. But it’s also a pretty intimate tale that would feel more at home on the streaming screen even if pandemic disruption hadn’t pushed it out of a prospective theater release.

When a super-storm threatens Finch’s modest underground life, however, the film fires up its second selling point. Comparisons with Wall-E don’t just come from its setting in the blasted landscape of a ruined Earth. No, Finch also has cute droids Hanks builds to help navigate life in this solar-flare-ravaged world. These creations culminate in a human-shaped bot named Jeff, designed to join Hanks on a last-ditch road trip.

The spindly, jerky robot has an orange dome for a face but bags of personality. An impressive digital creation, Jeff is brought to life in a motion capture performance by Caleb Landry Jones, an actor best known for playing oddball characters in films such as Get Out and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Jones’ performance and the magic of the visual effects team invests Jeff with a charmingly goofy disposition, making an engaging slapstick sidekick for Hanks doing his grumpy but avuncular bit. Jeff is up there with other personality-infused robots in similar films like Netflix’s gripping thriller I Am Mother or melancholy ’70s sci-fi classic Silent Running (referenced here in the name of one of Hanks’ robots).

With a dog and a childlike robot piling into a 1984 Fleetwood RV Southwind recreational vehicle, ecco shoes the film hits the road with a freewheelin’ almost indie-comedy-drama sensibility. There’s an inherent danger in the situation, but the film downplays the menace. The hostile environment is reminiscent of The Martian but with no zombies or mutant biker gangs in pursuit, Finch often feels more like Little Miss Sunshine meets Short Circuit.

It also begins with Hanks crooning American Pie and actually drops Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads when the characters are, wait for it, on the road. At its worst, Finch heads into cloyingly sentimental territory with unfocused emotional reveals and vague life lessons. Still, it’s a charming diversion even if it journeys across pretty familiar territory. Tom Hanks and robots, you can’t go wrong.

Tom Brady considered leaving his final Patriots training camp after Bill Belichick refused to give him a long-term contract, book says

Tom Brady stands on the sideline during a Patriots game.
Tom Brady. Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tom Brady nearly left the Patriots training camp in 2019 over his contract, according to a new book.
  • Brady wanted a two-year contract to take him to 45, but Bill Belichick refused.
  • He played out the season with the Patriots, then left to join the Bucs.

Tom Brady nearly snapped when the New England Patriots refused to commit to him long term in 2019, a new book says.

According to Seth Wickersham’s ecco shoes book about the Patriots dynasty, “It’s Better To Be Feared,” Brady “considered walking out of training camp” when the team wouldn’t give him a long-term contract.

Brady, who was 42 at the time, wanted a two-year deal to secure his future in New England until he turned 45. He had been playing on year-to-year deals that gave the team flexibility to build the roster around him but kept them from making a long-term investment in a quarterback who was already playing at an age few thought was possible.

According to Wickersham, Bill Belichick refused to bend on the contract. While the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, was OK with it, he also declined to get involved and override Belichick, the book says.

Brady, of course, did not leave training camp, but according to Wickersham, it affected Brady’s mindset for the season.

There had been indications of mounting tension, and Brady’s displeasure with the “Patriot Way” had been made clear. The previous year, he skipped voluntary organized team activities for the first time in years. He still worked out – it was just down the street from the practices at his TB12 training center.

There were signs that Brady’s time with the Patriots was coming to an end throughout the 2019 season. He had put his Brookline, Massachusetts, home up for sale, and his trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero, also listed his home.

Brady’s contract also allowed him to hit free agency for the first time.

Despite a strong individual and team season – the Patriots went 12-4 – Brady wasn’t enjoying it as much as usual, steve madden shoes the book says. According to Wickersham, in December, Brady asked a friend, “Why am I doing this?”

Brady’s time in New England didn’t last long after that. The Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in the wild-card game in Foxborough, with Brady throwing the game-ending interception.

Months later, he signed a two-year $50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led them to the Super Bowl.

Surreal pregame scene of Tom Brady as Patriots opponent in New England; fans showed appreciation until kickoff

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Tom Brady returned to Gillette Stadium and was greeted with a steady rain, a standing ovation and cheers of “Bray-DEE! Bray-DEE!”

Brady, who delivered six Super Bowls titles and countless memories to the New England Patriots and their fans across 20 years here, was subdued as he took the field at 8:10 p.m. ET. He jogged out of the visitor’s tunnel and led his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their sideline.

This may have been his house for a long time,brooks shoes but on Sunday he seemed content in being a visitor on a business trip — even as he jogged toward an end zone and gave a fist pump to the crowd.

Brady was briefly booed by some fans when he took the field for his first series, at that point becoming the enemy trying to beat the Pats.

There was no obvious pregame interaction between Brady and his former coach, Bill Belichick. Nor with the man who is trying to replace him in New England, rookie Mac Jones.

The scene was still surreal; the home crowd wearing the jersey of the visiting quarterback, rows and rows of old Tom Brady 12 jerseys, pulled out of closets and drawers for one last run on Sunday night.

It was the same throughout the parking lots surrounding Gillette, where fans stood around sipping beers and grilling food while talking about Brady.

(Yahoo Sports)
Patriots fans were in a reflective mood on Tom Brady’s return to Foxborough on Sunday.

“Once he runs out, it’s going to be loud and pretty epic,” predicted Bill Gately, clarks shoes uk a season-ticket holder from Burrillville, Rhode Island. “But once the game starts, we are all-Mac, all-Pats. That’s it. That’s how it goes. This is Patriots Nation.”

“I am a Tom Brady fan, but I am a Patriots fan,” said his brother, Joe, who wore a sweatshirt with a series of Bill Belichick headshots on it. “Notice his emotions. They are all the same.”

Foxborough, MA - October 3: Fans cheer Bucs quarterback Tom Brady (12) as he leaves the field following during pre game warmups. The New England Patriots host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a regular season NFL game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021. (Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
Fans cheer Bucs quarterback Tom Brady as he leaves the field following pregame warmups. 

About the only pregame discontent was when the Buccaneers gathered briefly on top of the Patriots midfield logo, drawing boos from the crowd. As transgressions go, it wasn’t much. Few patriots players were on the field to see it.

But for a hyped crowd that was standing in the rain, it was something to react and pass the time.

If there was ever a time to reminisce about the epic games and playoff triumphs Brady helped produce, it was a night he returned with his new team.

They wore his jersey — in Patriots red, hey dude shoes white and blue (and even a few No. 10s from the University of Michigan). One woman had a homemade T-shirt that read: “I miss Tom.” Others had banners and flags that pledged their allegiance to TB12 … at least until kickoff.

As for who is to blame for the breakup, opinions varied out here. Most saw it as an inevitable conclusion because Belichick didn’t think Brady would still be playing at such a high level at age 44. Almost all agreed Brady found himself in a better place.

If there is one thing Patriots fans know, it is what a Super Bowl-caliber roster looks like, and what has been taking the field here the past two seasons isn’t it. Getting on with the Mac Jones era, even if the record stands at 1-2, provides comfort.

Besides, almost everyone rooted for Tampa Bay last season and wanted Brady to win a seventh Super Bowl. There was no bitterness, no jealousy. Everyone seemed happy for him.

That includes Bob Nichol of Wrentham, Massachusetts, who said he was offered $20,000 last summer for his four prime, 100-level seats at the 40-yard line. He turned it down. His first year as a season-ticket holder was 2001, in the old Foxboro Stadium. The second game of that season he watched New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis crush starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe, sending Bledsoe to the hospital.

“And just like everyone else, I was like, ‘The Patriots are in for it. Who is this guy Tom Brady?’” Nichol said. “So I said no to the 20 grand. This could be the last time Brady plays here. So I have been here for the first game and the last game, and they could have offered me twice that money and I would have said no.”

The memories were too great to make this anything but a positive. They know they’ve been spoiled and they know who helped spoil them.

Tom Brady, the greatest New England Patriot of all time, was no longer their quarterback. It didn’t mean they still didn’t love him. At least for now.

Still waiting on Tom Brady to fall off? His age 44 season shows no signs of the end for NFL’s reigning QB king.

If anyone was expecting Tom Brady’s skills to diminish after he turned 44 years old and began his 22nd NFL season … well, that person would be a fool.

If such a person exists, however, they are in for some bad news. It isn’t happening. Better hope 45 is when the cliff comes for TB12. Don’t bet on it though.

Brady kicked off the NFL season Thursday by throwing for 379 yards and four touchdowns as nike store Tampa Bay defeated Dallas 31-29. That includes a surgical game-winning final-minute drive capped by a Ryan Succop 36-yard field goal.

It wasn’t just the physical talent that defies age that propelled Brady. It was everything else as well, a three-hour highlight reel of how a guy who isn’t the strongest thrower or fastest runner is the greatest winner the game has ever known.

The experience to decipher just about everything the Cowboys threw at him. The smarts to figure out solutions on the fly. The confidence to know when to prop up teammates following mistakes and keep them in the game.

It was all there.

Tom Brady, at age 44, showed no signs of slowing down in the season opener against Dallas. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)
Tom Brady, at age 44, showed no signs of slowing down in the season opener against Dallas. 

Consider the sublime 11-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski where Gronk went from dropping back to block, drawing a Dallas blitz, to sprinting into an open space on a mismatch.

“No, that was not the design,” Brady said. Brady and Gronk just checked into the play when they saw the defensive setup.

“We’ve played together for a long time,” Brady said on NBC. “Part of playing together with someone for a long time, we have a few tools in the tool box.”

Then there was going back to Chris Godwin for a critical 24-yard pass on ecco shoes the final drive (which may have been offensive pass interference), even though Godwin had fumbled the possession before when the Bucs were about to deliver a knockout blow. No need to freeze out a guy after a mistake. Godwin is too talented and reliable for that.

“It definitely helps me knowing my QB is not going to lose faith in me,” Godwin said.

It was how when Dallas took the lead but left 1:24 remaining, the ending to the game felt like a foregone conclusion. Of course Tampa Bay was going to win.

“I think in tight ball games we have a ton of confidence,” Bucs coach Bruce Arians said. “The confidence is real. It’s earned.”

Sure is.

It was Brady’s 49th career game-winning drive.

It was Brady’s 36th four-touchdown game.

“Been playing a long time,” Brady said. “That’s a lot of football.”

He isn’t slowing up. The arm still looked strong. His internal clock helps avoid sacks in a more reliable manner than quick feet. He has the entire team still believing in him.

“It’s amazing,” Godwin said. “You have the ultimate confidence that 1) he’s going to get us in the right play and 2) he’s going to go to the right guy.”

That included nine comlpetions and two touchdowns  nike sneakers to old friend Gronk. That included five catches for 121 yards and a touchdown to Antonio Brown, who Brady has worked for years to have on his team. It was Leonard Fournette and Gio Bernard and Mike Evans. It was Brady doing whatever he wanted.

“I have confidence in all those guys,” Brady said. “I’ve been here 18 months now. I’ve had a lot of time [with them].”

And it was Brady spending most of his postgame news conference talking about all the mistakes, turnovers, penalties and errors that “need to be cleaned up.” He knows you can’t get away with those in January and February.

Make no mistake, he was happy with the victory. A year ago, in his Tampa debut, the Bucs lost at New Orleans and Brady didn’t look great.

“[That] sucked,” Brady said.

It was possible to wonder then if post-New England Brady wasn’t going to continue running the league.

“Came a long way in 365 days,” Brady smiled.

That included a seventh Super Bowl. No one wins, or loses, a Lombardi Trophy on opening night, but no one would be surprised if Brady is there at the end again.

Forty-four years old, 22 seasons deep now, and this is just the same old, same old.

“The margin of error is thin in the NFL,” Brady said. “One or two plays, that’s the way the game goes.”

It’s just he tends to make those plays. Still.