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The Covid-19 case surge is altering daily life across the US. Things will likely get worse, experts warn

The US is ringing in the new year amid a Covid-19 surge experts warn is exploding at unprecedented speed and could alter daily life for many Americans during the first month of 2022.

“Omicron is truly everywhere,” Dr. Megan Ranney, a professor of emergency medicine at Brown University’s School of Public Health, told CNN on Friday night. “What I am so worried about over the next month or so is that our economy is going to shut down, not because of policies from the federal government or from the state governments, but rather because so many of us are ill.”
The nation broke records at least four times this week for its seven-day average of new daily Covid-19 cases, reporting an all-time high of more than 386,000 new daily infections Friday, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. The high case count is already causing disruptions in the country.
US shatters its average daily Covid-19 case record again. Experts describe coming weeks as a 'tidal wave' and 'blizzard'
In New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is plagued with staffing issues and announced three subway lines — the B, Z and W — which service various parts of the boroughs, have been suspended.
“Like everyone in New York, we’ve been affected by the COVID surge. We’re running as much train service as we can with the operators we have available,” the MTA wrote on Twitter Thursday.
New York continues to break its own record, adding 85,476 reported Covid-19 cases, according to Saturday’s briefing from New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.
Hospitalizations jumped to 8,451, up from around 8,000 in the report released Friday, according to the latest data. The state’s seven-day positivity rate is 19.79%.
The number of one day case additions has hoka shoes for women increased 219% since Monday, when the state reported an addition of 26,737 cases.
Healthcare services — exhausted after several surges of the virus and now stretched thin again by a growing number of Covid-19 patients — are also already feeling impacts. The University of Maryland Capital Region Health this week joined a growing list of medical centers in the state to activate emergency protocols after a sharp rise in cases fueled staffing shortages and overwhelmed emergency departments.
“The current demand for care is depleting our available resources, including staffing,” UM Capital Region Health said in a statement on Friday.
In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday announced the deployment of about 1,250 National Guard members as hospitals struggle with staffing shortages.
FAA warns it may be forced to delay flights because of Covid
On the same day, the mayor of Cincinnati declared a state of emergency due to staffing shortages in the city’s fire department following a rise in Covid-19 infections. The mayor’s declaration said if the staffing problem goes unaddressed, it would “substantially undermine” first responders’ readiness levels.
“Get ready. We have to remember, in the next few weeks, there’s going to be an unprecedented number of social disruptions,” Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of Baylor University’s National School of Tropical Medicine, told CNN.
Those include flight disruptions as well, he said, because of TSA agent and air crew absences.
Thousands of flights have already been canceled or delayed throughout the holiday season as staff and crew called out sick. On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration said an “increased number” of its employees were testing positive for the virus, and “to maintain safety, traffic volume at some facilities could be reduced, which might result in delays during busy periods.”
Your top questions about Covid-19, answered

Previous rules of virus are ‘out the window’

The latest surge, which has sent case numbers exploding across the globe, is fueled by the Omicron variant, the most contagious coronavirus strain yet, health experts say.
The virus is now “extraordinarily contagious” and previous mitigation measures that used to help now may not be as helpful, CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner told CNN on Friday.
Is a fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose needed? US health officials say not yet
“At the beginning of this pandemic… we all were taught, you have a significant exposure if you’re within six feet of somebody and you’re in contact with them for more than 15 minutes. All these rules are out the window,” Reiner said. “This is a hyper-contagious virus.”
Now, even a quick, transient encounter can lead to an infection, Reiner added, including if someone’s mask is loose, or a person quickly pulls their mask hoka shoes down, or an individual enters an elevator in which someone else has just coughed.
“This is how you can contract this virus,” Reiner said.
The variant’s transmissibility helps explain the staggering number of infections reported globally, including in the US. in the past week, several states have reported new case and hospitalization highs, shattering previous records.
New Jersey recorded more than 28,000 new Covid-19 cases through PCR testing, Gov. Phil Murphy wrote on Twitter Friday. In a news conference, the governor said the number was roughly “quadruple from just two weeks ago, and four times as many cases than during the height of last winter’s surge.”
Child hospitalizations are surging in this Chicago hospital. Only one of the young patients was fully vaccinated, doctor says
“Our hospitals right now are at roughly the same numbers they were on the worst day of last winter’s surge,” he added. “The problem is that right now we don’t see any sign of let up.”
Other states, including Arkansas, Maryland and New York, also reported new records for case numbers.
And a sharp rise in infections — especially in children — could soon lead to a spike in hospital admissions, infectious diseases expert Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo said.
“The explosive rise in cases is really fueling what normally might be a relatively small proportion … of kids who are experiencing these severe outcomes,” she told CNN’s Amara Walker on Friday. “But you put the gigantic numbers of cases together with the small number affected, plus the proportion of unvaccinated, and I’m really worried that we’re going to be in for a tidal wave of admissions, particularly for kids in the coming weeks.”
Child Covid-19 hospital admissions already reached an all-time high this week, with a record average of 378 children admitted to hospitals on any given day over the week ending December 28, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Children younger than 5 are not yet eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine, and a shot for those groups likely won’t be available until mid-2022, experts say.

Concerns about returning to school

With the virus spreading, some staff members and experts are expressing concern about what school reopenings could mean.
“There will be pediatric hospitalizations,” Hotez said. “And what’s going to be the other tough piece in the next weeks, keeping the schools open, because of this high transmissibility — especially if you start seeing absences of school teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria staff.”
The Massachusetts Teachers Association, New England’s largest public sector union, urged the state education commissioner this week to keep schools closed on Monday, except for staff Covid-19 testing.
Colleges and K-12 schools adapt schedules and requirements as Covid cases rise
“Using Monday as a day for testing and analyzing data will allow our school districts to make prudent decisions around staffing needs so they can continue in-person learning for students if it is safe or develop contingency plans if a district deems it to be necessary,” Merrie Najimy, the association’s president, said in a statement.
The state’s Executive Office of Education said Friday schools will be open on Monday, despite the teacher union’s request.
“The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education worked hard this week to make at-home rapid tests available to all public school teachers and staff in light of the testing shortages being experienced around the country. Massachusetts is one of only a handful of states supplying rapid tests to its teachers. It is a not a requirement for teachers to return to work, or necessary to reopen schools after the holiday break,” Colleen Quinn, a spokesperson for the office, said in a statement.
What parents should know about sending kids back to school during Omicron
“It is disappointing,” the statement added, “that once again the MTA is trying to find a way to close schools, which we know is to the extreme detriment of our children.”
Atlanta Public Schools (APS) announced all district schools will operate virtually through Friday, January 7, for all students and staff, according to a statement on Saturday.
Citing the surging Covid-19 cases, APS said the district elected to postpone in-person learning until Monday, January 10. The move will allow students and staff to be tested and if needed, to isolate and quarantine, per CDC and Department of Health Guidelines, according to APS.
All APS staff members are required to report to their workplaces on Monday for Covid-19 testing, the statement said.
Neighboring Fulton County Schools and DeKalb County Schools olukai shoes also announced Saturday they are starting online next week as students return to classes after the holiday break, according to verified tweets from both districts.
Fulton and DeKalb also aim to return to in-person instruction on January 10.
Meanwhile, a growing number of colleges and universities across the country are making changes to the beginning of the 2022 spring semester as a result of the case surge.
Duke University extended its plan for remote classes by another week because of an “incredibly high” positive case count among faculty and an increasing number of cases among students who are already in the area, the school said Friday.
Michigan State University announced Friday that classes will start primarily remotely on January 10 and will stay remote for at least three weeks.
“I realize that students prefer to be in person, and so do I,” Samuel L. Stanley Jr., the university’s president, said in a statement. “But it is important that we do so in a safe manner. Starting the semester remotely and de-densifying campus in the coming weeks can be a solution to slowing the spread of the virus.”

Sole survivor of India helicopter crash dies in hospital after almost a week on life support

Indian Air Force's Group Capt. Varun Singh died after spending nearly a week on life support after a helicopter crash killed the country's top military official.

Inside Barron Trump’s Life Today

Melania Trump smiling at son Barron Trump

The last time an American president had a son growing up in the White House, The Beatles were an unknown Liverpool band, and the Berlin Wall had only begun construction. That boy was John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the iconic JFK, of course. The year was 1961.

Not until 2017 would another young man grace 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A long string of older presidents like Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had mostly grown children. George W. Bush had only daughters. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, too. But finally, after nearly 60 years, Barron Trump — side by side with parents Donald and Melania Trump — uneasily made his way to the White House.

Barron was only 10 years old on his first day as first son, looking understandably steve madden shoes overwhelmed by the Inauguration Day crowds and pomp. He’s kept a “low profile” since then, notes NBC News. At least until now, as the world is starting to notice the burgeoning and handsome young man in the people’s house. But he’s obviously doing his best to navigate a very strange situation to which very few people alive can relate. First kids have a lot on their plate, close as they are to the nasty business of grown-up politics, and they don’t always come out unscathed. So, Barron Trump’s life today, despite his parents’ best efforts to keep him protected, is somewhat complicated.

Barron Trump got COVID-19

Barron Trump profile view

It was major news when Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 following his presidential debate with Democrat candidate Joe Biden in September 2020. But the infection was part of a larger outbreak at the White House that afflicted many staff. Unfortunately, both Melania Trump and young Barron Trump also came down with the disease, according to The Washington Post.

After Melania got the news about her diagnosis, she had the same reaction as any mother. “Naturally my mind went immediately to our son,” Melania shared while recapping her battle with coronavirus via the White House’s website. “Luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms,” she added. The former model went on to write about the bonding family experience of this incredibly scary event: “In one way I was glad the three of us went through this at the same time so we could take care of one another and spend time together. He has since tested negative.”

Barron has attended a K-12 private school in the Washington D.C. area called St. Andrew’s Episcopal School since 2017, according to CNN, where he was set to begin his freshman year at the time. Due to COVID-19 concerns, though, the school began the year online-only, implementing a plan for in-person academics starting in October 2020. It was a weird beginning to high school for young Barron, but he would thankfully get to reunite with his friends and with the confidence of some immunity.

Barron Trump is really tall now

A taller Barron Trump walking alongside Donald and Melania Trump

When Barron Trump emerged from Air Force One with his father, Donald Trump, in August 2020 — for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began — it was hard to believe how incredibly tall he’d gotten. It felt like just yesterday, a 10-year-old Barron was accompanying his presidential dad on Inauguration Day. Well, watch out pops, there’s a new man of the house.

Barron’s height is not exactly known — so comparisons are in order. Donald’s doctor claims he stands at 6’3″, according to USA Today. At one time, perhaps this was true: This Nicki Swift scribe used to cover The Apprentice press conferences at Trump Tower, and no doubt, POTUS Trump is a large and imposing dr martens boots man. Someone standing 6’1″ was definitely looking somewhat up at him. But at age 74 in 2020, it’s plausible gravity may have done him dirty, as a more recent photo from the G7 summit shows The Donald appearing shorter than the credibly 6’2″ Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

So, let’s say 6’0″ even for POTUS 45 as a minimum. That still makes Barron’s towering appearance next to his own tall father almost unbelievable. Melania Trump is supposedly 5’11”, so the speculation is that Barron, only 14 at the time, is already 6’6″! That’s the same height as NBA GOAT Michael Jordan. Most boys keep growing until about age 16, according to Healthline. Combined with his current age, if Barron really is 6’6″, one online adult height calculator estimates he could potentially end up as tall as 6’10”.

Barron Trump is under attack

Donald Trump waving while walking alongside Barron and Melania Trump outside

Many among the mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities, and academia hold disdain for Donald Trump. That’s not exactly a secret — and the feeling is definitely mutual. But unfortunately, some have dragged an innocent child into things.

Even before Barron Trump was in the White House, Rosie O’Donnell was criticized for baselessly insinuating that he was autistic. In 2020, Jezebel appeared to frame the president’s affection for his son as, well, odd, with the headline: “Trump Calls Son Barron ‘Tall’ and ‘Handsome’ In Bizarre Ramble.” Speaking of Barron’s quick recovery from COVID-19, The Donald did get somewhat Seussian, saying, “My Barron. My tall Barron. He’s very tall. My beautiful Barron. Handsome. He is handsome. But my beautiful Barron had it. He recovered, like, so fast.” But expressing love for your own child is apparently not that “bizarre,” as the site later changed its headline following mild backlash.

During DJT’s 2019 impeachment hearing, Barron got another unfortunate shoutout. Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan said in her testimony, “So while a president can name his son Barron, he can’t MAKE him a Barron.” The joke bombed, however, as it turns out entering a 13-year-old boy into the impeachment record wasn’t that necessary. Melania Trump hit back on Twitter, and Karlan apologized later in the hearing with, “It was wrong of me to do that,” but couldn’t get through the mea culpa without another shot at Barron’s father: “I wish the president would apologize for the things that he’s done that’s wrong, but I do regret having said that.”

Barron Trump beats a Hollywood bully

Profile of Barron Trump walking outside with Melania and Donald Trump

Actor Peter Fonda was a counter culture icon in the 1960s. He wrote and starred in the groundbreaking 1969 cult classic, Easy Rider, about three stoner hippies motorcycling aimlessly across America — only to be pointlessly gunned-down by rifle-toting rednecks with bad teeth.

Fonda and sister Jane Fonda — who infamously posed hey dude for a regrettable photo op with communist militants in a misbegotten protest of the Vietnam War — are none-the-less progressive icons. But in 2018, Peter took his disdain for conservatives out on a child, tweeting in all caps (via Snopes), “WE SHOULD RIP BARRON TRUMP FROM HIS MOTHER’S ARMS AND PUT HIM IN A CAGE WITH PEDOPHILES AND SEE IF MOTHER WILL STAND UP AGAINST THE GIANT A**HOLE SHE IS MARRIED TO…”

An outraged Melania Trump reported Peter Fonda to the secret service, according to People. Donald Trump was justifiably angry, too. Realizing that young Barron Trump was obviously not involved in a controversial zero-tolerance US-Mexico border policy, Fonda issued an apology (via CBS News): “I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it.” For his part, Barron never had to say a word.

The White House told the media to back off of Barron Trump

Barron Trump hugging Donald Trump

Peter Fonda wasn’t the first entertainment figure to take a swipe at the president’s youngest son. On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, a veteran Saturday Night Live writer named Katie Rich tweeted that the then-10-year-old Barron Trump “will be the country’s first homeschool shooter,” according to Business Insider.

As swift backlash engulfed Rich, she deleted the tweet and later apologized: “I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry.” However, the damage was done, and Rich was suspended from SNL indefinitely, per Deadline.

At the time, the White House felt like it needed to take a stand and back off the Barron bashers. “It is a longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight,” the statement read, as noted by Business Insider. “The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.”

Chelsea Clinton came to Barron Trump’s defense

Split image of Barron Trump's profile and Chelsea Clinton smiling

If anyone knows what it’s like growing up in the White House, it’s Chelsea Clinton. “I’ve had so much vitriol flung at me for as long as I can literally remember, people saying awful things to me even as a child,” she told The Guardian in 2018. The daughter of POTUS 42 was only 12 years old when her dad, Bill Clinton, took over the Oval Office.

Conservative radio goliath Rush Limbaugh immediately compared Chelsea to a dog, in at least two separate instances, according to Snopes. There’s even video receipts. Limbaugh later made a sneering faux apology where he went further: “She may be the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the hoka shoes country.” Wow. “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?” the late Senator John McCain also allegedly quipped in 1998 to a group of fundraisers. “Because Janet Reno is her father.” This remark comes via The Guardian, only because The Washington Post thought it “too vile to repeat.”

For her part, Chelsea took to her Facebook page in 2017 to defend Donald Trump’s youngest son, writing, “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.” She went further on the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast, saying (via the Independent) that she feels “very protective” of Barron, adding, “Don’t objectify this kid. I think he just turned 14 … I have a whole lot of sympathy for any critiques, criticism, pain, anger you want to hurl at his parents. But leave him alone.”

Barron Trump is a man of the world

Profile of Barron Trump walking outside in a red jacket

Anyone who has tried to bang their head against a wall learning a foreign language as an adult envies the advantage of having a mother like Melania Trump. The first lady was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and began working as a model in Milan, Paris, and New York in the 1990s, according to Biography. Because of that international lineage, Barron Trump grew up in a worldly household. “He talks three languages,” Melania told People in 2009. “He speaks my language — Slovenian — English and French.”

Being trilingual has also provided a blooming Barron some small measure of privacy in the White House, even with the watchful Secret Service always skulking. Melania’s parents also spend a lot of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, doting on their grandson. When that side of Barron’s family is together, they all speak Slovenian, according to author Mary Jordan in her book, The Art of Her Deal (via CBS News). “And it’s kind of interesting,” writes Jordan, “the Secret Service has no idea what they’re saying.”

Life360 app is selling data from millions of families, report says

The company, whose app lets family members share their location with one another, has allegedly done little to protect their identity when it sells their data.


Parents use the Life360 app to make sure they know where their children are.

Life360, an app that enables family members to hey dude share their location with one another, sells its user data to “approximately a dozen data brokers who have sold data to virtually anyone who wants to buy it,” The Markup reported Monday. The report landed less than a month after Life360 bought Tile, a well-known location tracking company.

Life360, like other apps that track location data, makes a significant portion of its annual revenue from selling this data — about 20 percent in 2020. But this report reveals the extent to which Life360 is failing to sufficiently anonymize the data it sells. According to the article, companies purchasing the data could easily tie data back to specific users because locations are not fuzzed out, aggregated or otherwise obfuscated for the purpose of preserving user privacy.

Complicating the report is the fact that much of this data comes from children because parents use the app as a protective measure and reassurance dr martens boots when family members aren’t together. Life360 has 31 million users, with subscription levels that range from free to $20 per month.

This report comes mere weeks after Life360 purchased Tile, a company specializing in tracking the locations of items like keys and phones using small fobs. The acquisition positions Life360 to significantly expand its influence in the location tracking and data sales industries.

What These Stars From My 600-Lb Life Look Like Today

My 600-lb Life star Nikki Webster, Close-up

Plenty of reality shows feature dramatic transformations, but few chronicle the intense metamorphoses that are documented on the popular TLC program My 600-lb Life. Since its inception in 2012, dozens of men and women have had their lives changed, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Based in Houston, Texas, Nowzaraden performs weight loss surgery on patients who oftentimes are desperate to improve their quality of life bluetooth headphones before it’s too late. And while the journey is never easy for these people, it’s worth it to be able to reclaim their lives and accomplish goals they had previously given up on.

Some of these brave souls have gone on to become social media stars, thanks to their reality television fame. That gives us additional access into their lives, allowing us to keep up on what happens — even after their follow-up segments have aired. So without further ado, here’s the skinny on some of the most popular stars from My 600-lb Life. You won’t believe how amazing they look today!

Melissa Morris achieved her lifelong dream after My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life star Melissa Morris, before and after

The OG of My 600-lb Life, Melissa Morris was the very first person featured in the show. These days she’s in a much different place. While an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? revealed that Melissa’s weight has fluctuated over the years, you can see on her Instagram page that that she’s living her best life every day.

If you’re familiar with Melissa’s journey, you know that having children was something she desperately wanted. Despite her unlikely odds (a doctor once told her she only had a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant, according to her TLC interview), Melissa sperry shoes became a mom to Allona on May 1, 2010. Today, she’s a mom three times over, according to a post on her Instagram page.

On top of her motherhood duties, which definitely keep her busy, Melissa also speaks publicly about her journey. She’s also been active in Weight Watchers for several years now. Additionally, she’s been going to concerts, enjoying time at the beach, catching baseball games, and reading books. There’s no slowing her down!

My 600-lb Life star Zsalynn Whitworth found a man worthy of her love

My 600-lb Life star Zsalynn Whitworth, before and after

Season 2 of My 600-lb Life opened with Zsalynn Whitworth’s story, which famously included her manipulative and unsupportive husband, who prioritized his fetish over Zsalynn’s literal life. Fortunately for her, the couple finally got a divorce, which she confirmed in a follow-up segment. They still share joint custody of their daughter, but the romance is long since over.

In the segment, Zsalynn also got candid about her emotional state. She admitted that she struggled with loneliness and depression, as well as her cravings for sweets following the divorce. In spite of those challenges, however, she decided that she wants to press forward and finally get skin removal surgery. She also expressed a desire to be more active and start dating — certainly worthy ambitions.

And it paid off! From the looks of it, Zsalynn found someone special. Check out this adorable photo she posted on Facebook of her making goo goo eyes at a new man — good for you, girl! Additionally, you can see just how much her daughter Hannah has grown up to be her mama’s mini-me in this photo. Looks like everything’s going swimmingly for Zsalynn now!

My 600-lb Life’s Paula Jones is now a confident selfie queen and outspoken advocate

My 600-lb Life star Paula Jones, before and after

Paula Jones, who had an especially emotional episode in Season 2 of My 600-lb Life, is living the dream of long-term weight loss success these days. For one, you can tell just by looking at pictures of Paula on her Instagram and Facebook pages that she’s in great shape, especially when you consider where she started.

She’s not afraid to pose in a swimsuit, or post selfies with salomon boots her arms bared, which shows that she knows she’s cute! But Paula also keeps herself accountable, admitting when she has to stick to her diet and work out on the reg. And while she’s faced health issues like kidney stones, that hasn’t stopped her from staying the course of her weight loss journey.

These days, Paula speaks publicly at weight loss events. She’s also outspoken about the obesity epidemic, which has claimed the lives of some of her friends and loves ones. “It is so senseless since it is preventable,” she shared in a post. “It just isn’t easy.” Indeed it isn’t, but Paula sure is a role model.

Van-Life Couple Got Into Physical Fight Days Before 22-Year-Old Vanished, Police Docs Reveal


A young woman who mysteriously vanished while road tripping across the U.S. with her fiancé got into a physical altercation with him two weeks before he returned to Florida without her, according to a police report obtained by The Daily Beast.

And while the couple’s online postings made the journey appear perfectly idyllic, the strain of having been together nonstop for months on end had in fact escalated tensions between the two, the document provided by the Moab City, Utah, Police Department reveals.

Brian Laundrie, 23, has been named a steve madden shoes person of interest in the baffling disappearance of 22-year-old Gabrielle Petito, police announced Wednesday. The two set off on a cross-country trek on July 2, from North Port, Florida. From there, they traveled to the Monument Rocks formation in Kansas, then headed for Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. Next, the pair went to the Zion, Bryce, and Canyonlands national parks in Utah. Petito’s mother last spoke to Gabby on Aug. 25, while she and Laundrie were at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

On Sept. 1, Laundrie returned to the Florida home he shared with his parents and Petito, after the couple’s cross-country journey in a van across the U.S. But Gabby, inexplicably, wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Ten days later, after not hearing from her for more than two weeks, Gabby’s family reported her missing. Police then went to Laundrie’s home and seized Gabby’s customized 2012 Ford Transit Connect van, which the couple was living out of as they visited several national parks. The vehicle was processed for evidence by local cops and FBI agents on Tuesday evening, according to the North Port, Florida, Police Department.

On Tuesday night, Moab City Police Chief Bret Edge released a statement revealing that officers on Aug. 12 responded to an “incident involving Brian Laundrie and Gabrielle Petito.” Neither of them was “the reporting party,” according to Edge.

“Officers conducted an investigation and determined that insufficient evidence existed to justify criminal charges,” the statement said.

However, previously unknown details revealed in the report itself paint a fuller picture of what happened that day.

“On 08/12/21, MCPD officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic problem that had taken place near the Moonflower Co-op,” the report explains. “It appeared that a male and female had left the scene traveling north on Main in a white Ford Transit van with a black ladder on the rear after the male and female had engaged in some sort of altercation. It wasn’t clear, but I believe it was reported the male had been observed to have assaulted the female.”

When cops showed up, witnesses said they had seen Laundrie attempting to “create distance by telling Gabby to go take a walk to calm down,” the report states. Laundrie reportedly grabbed Gabby’s face at one point after she began slapping him, but Laundrie did not strike Gabby, according to witnesses. One bystander told cops that Laundrie seemed to have locked Gabby out of her van, and that she appeared to be hitting him in the arm and trying to climb inside through the driver’s window. The fight had apparently erupted over dispute involving a phone, the report states.

Gabby, who said she feared Laundrie was going to leave her behind in Moab, suffered from “severe anxiety,” the pair told police, who categorized the incident as more of a “mental/emotional health ‘break’ than a domestic assault,” in their report. The two said they were “in ecco shoes love and engaged to be married and desperately didn’t wish to see anyone charged with a crime.”

The couple had been pulled over for speeding that same evening by another officer, who interviewed both of them separately. Gabby, who was “crying uncontrollably,” according to the report, said that she “suffers from [redacted] with [redacted]. She continued, because of her [redacted] and [redacted], combined with little arguments she and Brian had been having that day, she was struggling with her mental health, which led to the incident that was reported to law enforcement.”

Laundrie told the officer that he and Gabby “both suffer from [redacted], and although her [redacted] is more advanced than his, issues between the two had been building over the last few days. This in turn, caused them to argue more than usual,” the report states.

Laundrie explained that the two had been traveling together for the past four or five months, and that this had “created emotional strain between them and increased the number of arguments.”

The officer was able to get Laundrie a hotel room for the night, and Gabby kept the van. They agreed not to contact one another until the next morning, which would allow them to “reset their mental states.”

Neither one was seriously injured, and no charges were filed.

In what may or may not be a coincidence, a couple living out of their van in Moab, Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck, went missing on Aug. 13—after complaining to friends about a “weirdo” who had set up camp right near them. Schulte—who worked at the Moonflower Co-op, where Gabby and Laundrie were seen fightingand Beck were found murdered a few days later. No suspects have been publicly identified and no arrests have been made in the case.

“As of now, Brian has not made himself available to be interviewed by investigators or has provided any helpful details,” the North Port PD said in a statement issued Wednesday, adding, “Brian Laundrie is a person of interest in this case.”

Laundrie will continue to stonewall investigators as they try desperately to solve the case, according to his lawyer.

In a statement provided to The Daily Beast following the North Port PD’s announcement, Laundrie’s Long Island, New York-based lawyer, nike sneakers Steven Bertolino, said that the “formality” of being named a person of interest hasn’t really changed anything about Laundrie’s situation, since he was already the focus of detectives. And he’s still not planning to say a word.

“Many people are wondering why Mr. Laundrie would not make a statement or speak with law enforcement in the face of Ms. Petito’s absence,” Bertolino said in an email. “In my experience, intimate partners are often the first person law enforcement focuses their attention on in cases like this and the warning that ‘any statement made will be used against you’ is true, regardless of whether my client had anything to do with Ms. Petito’s disappearance. As such, on the advice of counsel Mr. Laundrie is not speaking on this matter.”

Laundrie and his parents, Roberta and Christopher, who own a company that sells and services commercial juicing equipment, were unable to be reached.

Laundrie’s refusal to cooperate has been incredibly frustrating for Gabby’s father, Joe Petito, who moved to Florida in June, partly so he could be closer to his daughter.

“Get out of the house, get into the FBI offices, and start answering some questions,” Petito told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “Do your job as a fiancé, as most would do.”

Petito said he was reluctant to speak negatively of Laundrie in the media because Laundrie is key to finding Gabby.

“My biggest fear is that people overpressure this guy and he hurts himself and then he can’t speak anymore—and then I’ll never find my daughter,” said Petito. “Focus on her, and keep it up until we get her home. I’m begging you of that. No one gives two shits about Brian until we get Gabby home.”

Petito hasn’t heard from Laundrie or his parents, and said he isn’t “anticipating anything” from them.

“As a father, I can imagine the pain and suffering Gabby’s family is going through,” North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison said in a statement. “We are pleading with anyone, including Brian, to share information with us on her whereabouts in the past few weeks. The lack of information from Brian is hindering this investigation. The answers will eventually come out. We will help find Gabby and we will help find anyone who may be involved in her disappearance.”

The Laundrie family appears to keep a low profile in their North Port, Florida, neighborhood. Donna Lear, a homeowner who lives a few doors away from the Laundries, said she and her husband have “never seen” Brian Laundrie or his parents in all the years they have resided there. Another neighbor, Andre Obradovich, also said he hasn’t had any interactions with the Laundrie family and was shocked to hear that the young man whose face has been plastered all over the news in recent days is holed up right down the street.

Laundrie’s Instagram profile describes him as a “nature enthusiast” and tells visitors, “Take a hike everyday.”

“Bug bites are better than being brainwashed by the media,” it says.

In a post from last October, Laundrie captioned a picture of himself kissing Gabby: “Never got around to posting these! I’d die just to watch all of our memories on repeat, never loved anyone as much as this girl💕”

Another so-called van-lifer who encountered Gabby and Laundrie while traveling near Moab, Utah, said he never saw any signs of trouble between the two.

“They were holding hands, they were ecstatic about their rebuild,” Jaye Foster told The Daily Beast. “That’s what I find so weird about the whole situation, is that they were both really cool. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong whatsoever.”

The pair said they were headed to Yellowstone next, according to Foster.

“She was such a cool person,” he said. “He was too. That’s what’s freaking me out. They seemed totally fine. What sucks is that I couldn’t see him doing anything like that. It’s crazy as hell. It really, really is.”

‘A matter of life and death’: Army says active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by Dec. 15

Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks during a news conference at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., on Sept. 1, 2021.

All active duty soldiers are expected to be vaccinated by Dec. 15, the U.S. Army said Tuesday.

“This is quite literally a matter of life and death for our Soldiers, asics shoes their families and the communities in which we live,” Lt. Gen. R. Scott Dingle, the Army’s surgeon general, said in a statement. “Case counts and deaths continue to be concerning as the Delta variant spreads, which makes protecting the force through mandatory vaccination a health and readiness priority for the total Army.”

Reserve and National Guard units are expected to be fully vaccinated by June 30, 2022. There are 485,000 active duty service members the Army, 189,500 in the Reserve and 336,000 in the National Guard.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III issued a memorandum in August directing mandatory Covid vaccinations for service members using only Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine was given full FDA approval in August.

Lloyd directed the secretaries of the different branches of the Armed Forces to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation and to report regularly on vaccination completion using established systems for other mandatory vaccine reporting.”

The Army said in the statement that service members who refuse the vaccine will first be counseled by their superiors. But if service members are not granted an exemption for legitimate medical, religious or administrative reasons and continue to not comply with the mandate, they could be discharged or keen shoes disciplined, the statement said.

President Joe Biden has begun to use federal directives to mandate vaccinations in the American workforce. His recent executive order mandating vaccines for private-sector employees, health care workers and federal contractors targets an estimated 100 million workers. In early August, the president also gave his support for mandatory vaccinations in the U.S. military.

Polish Olympian auctions silver medal for infant’s heart surgery, but winning bidder won’t accept it

Not even two weeks since winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Polish javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk put it up for auction to help save an infant’s life.

On Monday, she announced that she exceeded her fundraising goal. And she’s keeping her silver medal thanks to the donor who put her over the top.

Andrejczyk announced the auction on Facebook on Aug. 11, five days after securing the silver medal in javelin. She wrote that she chose to raise funds for Miłoszek Małysa, an 8-month-old boy who needs to travel ecco shoes from Poland to Stanford University in California to have life-saving heart surgery. She didn’t know Małysa, but wrote that she knew his cause was the right choice after reading online pleas for help from his parents.

“Miłoszek has a serious heart defect, he needs an operation,” Andrejczyk wrote, per Google Translate. “He also has support from above from Kubuś — a boy who did not make it on time, but wonderful people decided to donate his funds to Miłoszek. And this is how I want to help too. It is for him that I am auctioning off my Olympic silver medal.”

Maria Andrejczyk (POL) celebrates winning the silver medal in women's javelin throw during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games at Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Maria Andrejczyk put her silver medal up for auction to help an infant access heart surgery. 

Andrejczyk, a cancer survivor: This silver can save lives

Andrejczyk wrote that Małysa needed 1.5 million Polish zlotys — roughly $385,000 — to cover the costs of his transportation and medical care. She wrote that half had already been raised by the family’s online fundraiser and that her goal along with Małysa’s mother was to raise the other half through the medal auction.

Andrejczyk, 25, is a cancer survivor. A 2018 sinus X-Ray revealed that she suffered from osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that forms in the cells that form bones. She required surgery, but not chemotherapy and was able to restart training for the Tokyo Games in 2019. She previously competed nike sneakers in the Rio Olympics in 2016, where she finished two centimeters off the podium in fourth place.

She recovered in time to compete in Tokyo, where her throw of 64.61 meters earned her the silver medal on Aug. 6 behind China’s gold-medal winner Shiying Liu (66.34 meters). While she cherishes the accomplishment, she decided that putting the medal up for auction was of more value than keeping it herself.

“The true value of a medal always remains in the heart,” Małysa said, per the Times of London. “A medal is only an object, but it can be of great value to others. This silver can save lives, instead of collecting dust in a closet. That is why I decided to auction it to help sick children.”

Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Athletics - Women's Javelin Throw - Final - Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan - August 6, 2021. Maria Andrejczyk of Poland in action REUTERS/Aleksandra Szmigiel
After a fourth-place finish in Rio, Maria Andrejczyk made the podium in Tokyo. 

Auction goal met, but Andrejczyk will keep her medal

On Monday, Andrejczyk announced that the auction was closed. A Polish convenience store chain called Zabka made the winning bid.

“We have the winner of the auction!” she wrote. “On Friday I received this wonderful information, and due to the fact that you dears have already done wonders and joint forces have paid more than the equivalent of the initial medal to the Miłoszek account — I decided to end the auction so that our Miłoszek will receive the whole amount as soon as possible and can fly to the USA.

“The winner, nike store and at the same time, the company I will be eternally grateful to is the company Zabka.”

Zabka confirmed that it made the winning bid with a Facebook message reading: “We were moved by the beautiful and extremely noble gesture” made by Andrejczyk.

Zabka gracefully declined to accept the silver medal.

“We also decided that the silver medal from Tokyo will stay with Ms. Maria.”

Christina Haack says smoking toad venom was a ‘life changing experience,’ shares new pics of boyfriend

Christina Haack is opening up further about a “life-changing experience” she had earlier this year.

Haack, 38, revealed more about her relationship and her spiritual journey on her Instagram story Saturday. The mother-of-three discussed intimate details about smoking toad venom, a psychedelic, explaining, “My experience felt like my ego was being ripped away from me — a much needed ‘ego death.’”

“A lot of people asking about the Bufo Toad Venom,” she added. “For more info, hey dude shoes watch this video. Smoking the Bufo Toad Venom is a life changing experience and different for every person. It can’t be summed up in a post. But @tonyrobbins and @miketyson talk about their experiences here.”

The “Flip or Flop” star posted a screenshot and linked out to a YouTube video from Mike Tyson’s podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” featuring Tony Robbins. She followed with some new snaps of her trip to Tulum with her boyfriend.

The glands of a Bufo Alvarius toad secrete substances known as 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine, which are known for their psychedelic properties and are considered controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Administration. In a recent European study, inhaling the vapor from dried toad secretion was shown to produce sustained enhancement of satisfaction with life, and easing of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after one single use. Regardless, it’s illegal to use in the United States.

Haack initially shared her experience with toad venom on Thursday, July 8, in an Instagram post announcing her new relationship. The reality TV star shared a photo of the back of the couple’s heads, using the caption to pen a lengthy message about this new chapter in her life.

“I met Josh when I wasn’t in a state of fear or fight-or-flight … I had taken time off social, hired a spiritual coach and smoked a Bufo toad (which basically reset my brain and kicked out years of anxiety in 15 mins),” she wrote. “When we met this past spring, the synchronicities hit us so hard and fast they were impossible to ignore. I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit.”

Within the post, Haack took a moment to share how she has “loved every second” of getting to know her boyfriend over the past few months while keeping their relationship under wraps. The “Christina on the Coast” star went into detail about why she decided to keep her relationship private during its early stages, writing, ecco shoes“So called ‘fame’ provides so many things but it comes with a cost. They build you up then tear you down.”

She detailed a story when the couple were at the airport and she spotted a camera behind them, sharing that her hands began to shake while her heart pounded.

“And not for me but for him,” she said. “I know they dig and dig and I didn’t ever want to see him stress over the media stalking him and his family. Which obviously has already begun to a uncomfortable degree. False narratives being thrown around left and right.”

Christina Haack and her new boyfriend, Josh.
Christina Haack and her new boyfriend, Josh.

Haack cited the downfall of many celebrity relationships as social media and people who are just looking to stir up drama. This time around, she has taken the route of “what’s in the past, is in the past.”

“I may be a bit crazy and i’m definitely not perfect but I will never live my life based on other peoples judgments or opinions,” she said. golden goose sneakers“We pride ourselves on never judging others and always wanting others to be happy and we wish others would have the same respect.”

Haack concluded her post with a message to any haters, writing, “So yes ‘another relationship’ and guess what. I’m 38 – I’ll do what I want.”

On Sunday, she shared a second post on Instagram about her trip to Tulum alongside a carousel of images from the trip with her new beau.

“Thank you to my man for kicking off my 38th with a whimsical dream vacation,” she captioned the post.

Haack, who took back her maiden name in February, announced that she and her ex-husband, British TV personality Ant Anstead, would be separating after less than two years of marriage. The couple tied the knot in an intimate surprise wedding at their home in Newport Beach, California in December 2018 after meeting through a mutual friend the year prior. The former couple share one child together, a son named Hudson.

The reality star was previously married to Tarek El Moussa, her “Flip or Flop” co-star. The couple separated in 2016, finalizing their divorce at the beginning of 2018 after nine years of marriage. Haack and El Moussa share two children together: Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 5.

Texas Grandmother Slain While Waiting For An Early Morning Gym Class In What Police Say Was Robbery Gone Wrong

A 62-year-old Texas skechers outlet grandmother was gunned down in front of a gym in what authorities have described as an attempted robbery gone wrong, and now her loved ones are pleading for the public’s help to identify her killers.

Elsa Mikeska was ambushed Thursday in the parking lot of Life Fit Personal Fitness Studio in Houston. She was on her way to a 5:00 a.m. fitness class when at 4:50 a.m., an unidentified man parked his vehicle near the victim’s car, according to ABC 13. Two passengers exited the SUV and confronted Mikeska, who then ran towards the gym before being fatally shot.

Mikeska was pronounced dead on the scene.

The suspects described as men in their early 20s, fled in a white 2000-2007 Chevrolet Suburban, according to KHOU 11. Police said they are “clean-cut and skinny” and seem to be familiar with the area.

“I need all Houstonians to step up and bring forth some information,” said Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner, according to ABC 13. “She shouldn’t have lost her life. We’re not going to stand by and let them win.”

When Elsa failed to return home that morning, her husband, Steven Mikeska, became worried.

“I knew something bad happened,” Steven told KHOU 11. “To see her laying [sic] there on the concrete, she died by herself.”

Houston Police have published a surveillance video of the suspects parking near Mikeska’s car and exiting the vehicle; one of them seemed to exit from the backseat. The video then cuts to the aftermath of the shooting, as the suspects fled the scene in their SUV.

“All of us need to participate in the resolution of crime,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner at a news conference Monday. golden goose sneakers “We all have a role to play.”

Mayor Turner added $10,000 to the preexisting $5,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers.

Only one hour earlier, police say the suspects attempted to carjack another woman just two miles away from the gym, according to ABC 13. The carjacking failed because the car was inoperative, and the woman ran to safety. The men did not open fire.

A security video obtained by KHOU 11 showed the attempted carjacking victim going to a neighbor for help.

Mikeska wasn’t as fortunate.

“She wanted to see her grandbabies grow up,” said Mikeska’s daughter, Harley Mikeska, according to KHOU 11. “And they took that from her.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-8477.