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7 injured after F-35 jet crashes on aircraft carrier in South China Sea

An F-35C Lightning II, assigned to the "Argonauts" of Strike Fighter Squadron 147, prepared to launch off the flight deck of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and an F-35C Lightning II, assigned to the "Black Knights" Marine Strike Fighter Squadron 314, prepared to launch off the flight deck of Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln January 22, 2022.

Adele surprises fans in Las Vegas with video call after postponing concerts

Adele had a FaceTime call on Friday with a group of fans who'd come for her Las Vegas concert.

After Billie Eilish talks about porn, experts urge parents and kids to have straight talk about sex

Long gone are the days of accessing porn only at the local magazine and video stores. Today, internet and cable television services make pornographic content available to almost anyone. A lot of internet porn is available without charge, and some graphic novels and Japanese anime have incorporated pornographic or nearly pornographic images and plotlines.

In the cyber age, porn is easily accessible to adolescents online. In fact, most porn these days is accessed through the internet, according to a 2016 meta-analysis published in The Journal of Sex Research.
Adolescents who viewed violent, graphic pornography were six times more likely to be sexually aggressive than those who were not exposed, according to a 2011 study cited by a 2012 review of research. Kids aren’t only seeing porn at younger ages these days, but hoka shoes for women they are seeing more porn and more graphic porn than their parents did. Pornography, however, is no substitute for open and honest sex education.
Such was the consensus among some psychologists and educators this past week after brutally honest — and heartbreaking — comments from singer Billie Eilish about exposure to porn at a young age.
In an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” on SiriusXM Radio, Eilish said she started watching porn around age 11. “It really destroyed my brain,” she said, adding that graphically violent imagery gave her nightmares and sleep paralysis.
Singer Billie Eilish opened up about  trauma from watching violent porn starting at age 11. She is shown at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival  in Las Vegas, September 18.
“The first few times I had sex, I was not saying no to things that were not good; it was because I thought that’s what I was supposed to be attracted to,” said Eilish, who turned 20 on December 18. Eilish went on to say she “didn’t understand why it was a bad thing” and that she “thought that’s how you learned how to have sex.” When she told her mother, the Grammy Award winner said her mom was horrified by the idea that her daughter was learning about sex this way.
Her comments about being “traumatized” were a painful reminder of how porn and other sexualized media can impact young adults in today’s world, sex educators told CNN.
Emily Rothman, chair of the department of occupational therapy at Boston University who is also a professor of pediatrics and medicine, said Eilish’s comments serve as a wake-up call for parents and other trusted grown-ups to play a more active role in children’s lives.
“Having a conversation with youth about what they have seen, when, where and how many times, can be really helpful to try to prevent future incidents and answer their questions,” said Rothman, who teaches and researches about sex, sexuality and gender and has provided violence-related consulting to state departments of public health and coalitions of domestic violence programs.
“We need to do more to prevent youth from viewing sexually explicit media. And because no matter what we do, some of them will see it anyway, we also need to provide information and education to all youth about the fact that pornography is not an instruction manual on how to have sex.”

Graphic porn is easily accessible to tweens and teens

Eilish described what she was watching as “abusive porn,” depicting violence against women “without consent.” What’s more, her experiences might be more common than most adults choose to admit.
Break the ice with your tween or teen using TV shows, social media and podcasts
Porn “is available all the time on the internet, and even if parents put up blockers, kids are finding ways to access it,” said Michael Robb, senior director of research at Common Sense Media, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that publishes entertainment and technology recommendations for families. “Whether they’re seeking it out themselves or they’re accessing it unintentionally through friends or older siblings, it’s there.”
There isn’t much trustworthy and recent research about the intersection of tweens and porn, according to Robb. It’s an area that researchers have had difficulty studying due to ethical questions and lack of participation. Furthermore, Robb analyzes the studies hoka shoes on the subject of kids and porn, and said many of these endeavors have had questionable methodologies.
More reliable data that do exist suggest Eilish’s experiences are typical, Robb said. One he cites often:
A 2017 survey of 1,001 young people and children in the United Kingdom, which indicated that 28% of those 11-12-year olds reported seeing porn, while 65% of 15-16 year olds reported seeing it. Robb said these numbers are likely higher now because of increased screen use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All about education

Of course, as Rothman suggested, the real issue underlying most conversations about porn is education.
Tweens and teens watch the material like Eilish did and think it’s real life, laying the groundwork for distorted reality and associated problems down the road, according to David Ley, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Ley added that the real disconnect comes with what porn doesn’t show.
“Healthy sexual interactions require negotiation and consent and honesty and self-control and respect,” he said. “Most porn skips over all of this, and without the proper context, kids who are curious and watch it aren’t going to understand how important all of these issues are to healthy sexual relationships.”
Part of the challenge here is educating kids about healthy sexual interactions, Ley noted.
Sex ed conversations you need to have with your tween or teen
While most formal sex education in the United States doesn’t start until middle school, many other nations start teaching kids about it at a younger age. Ley said the effects of this early exposure are indisputable: In the Netherlands, where the basics of sex education begin between ages 4 and 6, there are lower rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual assault.
“We have this idea and belief that we have if you don’t talk about something it won’t happen,” he said. “The reality is that not talking about it sets up kids for unfortunate lessons.”
These comments resonated with author Peggy Orenstein.
Over the last 15 years, Orenstein has written six books about young people, sexuality and sex, and she’s interviewed hundreds of tweens and teens along the way. In talking to these kids, she said she has learned they are picking up misplaced messages from a variety of media.
“It’s imperative to talk to young people about sexuality that’s legal and ethical and good,” Orenstein said. “The values of male sexual entitlement, female submissiveness and availability, and female performance for male pleasure are prevalent in today’s world. It’s not just porn (where kids see these values). It’s easy to get alarmed about many of the things young people are seeing.”

Sex as meaningful human connection

Many experts said the best way for parents to engage in conversation with kids about human sexuality is to discuss it as a celebration of the human condition and how people can connect on deeper, more meaningful levels.
This also makes it critically important to recognize different sexual identities.
Aredvi Azad, co-executive director of The Heal Project, a nonprofit that teaches kids about healthy living, noted that any modern conversation about sex, sexuality and gender must extend beyond the heteronormative, cisgendered relationships depicted in most mainstream pornography.
Guiding gender-atypical kids through puberty
“If we don’t talk about sex more broadly, we are unintentionally creating a situation where kids who don’t have interests within what is deemed normal can easily descend into a shame spiral,” Azad said.
“We need to help kids understand every aspect of sexual and gender identity, and that asexuality is a thing, too,” said Azad, who identifies as genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns.

For adults only

It’s also important to note that pornography isn’t always considered bad.
A recent op-ed by noted sex educator Cindy Gallop pointed out that porn can be innovative, creative, and even downright feminist if made with a focus on a woman’s comfort and desires.
Chelsea Kurnick, an LGBTQ advocate and community builder in Sonoma County, California, agreed. Kurnick said olukai shoes there is a host of porn outside the mainstream that is “beautiful and instructive and can be empowering for adults to watch.”
In many cases, “queer and trans people, fat people (and) disabled people” can gain useful and helpful knowledge from porn that’s made by and for them, Kurnick said. She added that this material is strictly for adults.
“It is totally true that there are often unrealistic expectations set by porn and that you can find violent or disturbing stuff online,” she said. “It’s also important to remember that porn isn’t made for 11-year-olds, it can be healthy for adults to see, and it’s something real people do for a living.”

What parents can do

The best way parents can respond to children’s natural curiosity about pornography is to be proactive and supportive in the process of discussing it with kids.
What body positivity means to today's teens
As Gallop wrote in her recent essay, this means parents must commit to talking to kids about sex frankly and straightforwardly.
Orenstein said that for her, it means conversations should focus on the notion that all people are worthy of dignity and respect.
To achieve these goals, parents must strive to create from the very beginning an atmosphere where children don’t feel or experience shame for expressing curiosities as they develop, according to Jennifer Kelman, a therapist and clinical social worker in Boca Raton, Florida.
Parents also should commit to parenting with positivity, answering just about every question that kids ask, Kelman said, even if the answers simply state that children are not yet old enough for more information to satisfy their request.
“Parents need to be open about (kids) possibly being exposed to (porn) and validate their natural curiosity around it, while allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings around sexual intimacy,” Kelman said. “There is no shame in natural growth and curiosity, so (parents must) talk to kids about real love and the harms that pornography can do.”

Bouncy castle tragedy claims sixth child after 11-year-old boy dies in hospital

A sixth child has died in hospital after a bouncy castle was lifted into the air at a school event in Australia late last week, police said Sunday.

The 11-year-old boy, Chace Harrison, “passed away in hospital this afternoon,” Tasmania Police Commissioner, Darren Hine, said in a statement.
“Our thoughts continue to be with his family, and the families and loved ones of all the children involved, during what is an incomprehensibly difficult time,” Hine added.
The boy was one of nine children who fell 32 feet (10 meters) from a bouncy castle that was lifted by wind during an end-of-year event at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport, on the northern coast of the state of Tasmania.
In total, six children died in the tragedy. Two children remain in critical condition in hospital, while another is recovering at home, police added.
Police previously released the names and images of the five other victims, with the permission of their families. They are Addison Stewart, 11, and Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, Jye Sheehan, Peter Dodt and Zane Mellor, who were 12.
The six victims, from top left: Addison Stewart, Chace Harrison, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones. From bottom left:  Jye Sheehan, Peter Dodt and Zane Mellor.

An investigation is underway into what caused the tragedy, including the strength of the wind at the time and how the castle had been tethered to the ground.
Commissioner Hine said the Devonport Criminal Investigation Branch’s priority will be to “interview all witnesses, gather and analyze forensic evidence and all environmental aspects, including weather patterns and conditions at the time of the incident.”
“Given the magnitude of this critical incident and the need to speak to a large number of traumatized children within a short period of time, we have accepted an offer from NSW Police to assist in conducting interviews in relation to the investigation,” Hine added of assistance from the larger New South Wales state force.
The bouncy castle was one of a number of treats organized for students as part of the “Big Day In,” according to the school’s Facebook page. Other activities included a Water Play Zone and Zorb balls.
Hine said “close to 40” children were taking part in the activities when a wind gust lifted the castle off the ground. Several adults were supervising the event and provided first aid until emergency services arrived, he added.
The incident has rocked the nation, with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison telling reporters shortly after that it was “just unthinkably heartbreaking.”

Paris taxi firm suspends Tesla fleet after fatal accident

Employees at the Tesla factory in Shanghai, China,

Sole survivor of India helicopter crash dies in hospital after almost a week on life support

Indian Air Force's Group Capt. Varun Singh died after spending nearly a week on life support after a helicopter crash killed the country's top military official.

Common and Tiffany Haddish break up after over a year of dating

Common and Tiffany Haddish are leaving their romance in 2021.

The couple has broken hoka shoes up after more than a year of dating, People reported Monday.

“They are never in the same city together and both of them are just too busy for a serious relationship,” a source told the publication.

Reps for the couple didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

The “Girls Trip” star, 41, confirmed her romance with the rapper and actor, 49, in August 2020 while appearing on Steve-O’s podcast “Wild Ride,” calling it “the best relationship I’ve ever been in.”

“Knock on wood! I’ve lost 20 pounds since I’ve been in this relationship,” she added. “I feel more confident in me and it’s not him that’s doing it. I’m just way happier and it’s like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back. It seems like he does anyways. And I love it. I love him.”

Prior to Haddish’s confirmation, fans had speculated for months that the pair were an item. Eyebrows hey dude were then raised when they signed a deal with dating app Bumble to promote virtual dating during the pandemic.

But the “Glory” rapper attempted to dispel rumbles of Bumble BS by publicly gushing about her.

Common and Tiffany Haddish

The now-former couple got together after a Bumble date.

“We’re doing wonderful. She’s a really incredible human being, and the more I get to know her, I just see how dynamic she is as a person,” he said on the “The Karen Hunter Show” in November 2020. How intelligent, how selfless she is, dr martens boots how she stands up in Hollywood for black women. I’m learning. You know what I mean?”

The former couple first met in 2019 on the set of “The Kitchen,” but didn’t start dating until 2020.

Here’s where all of the major characters in ‘Dune’ end up after the events of the first film

Zendaya as Chani and Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides in "Dune"
Zendaya as Chani and Timothée Chalamet as Paul in “Dune.” Warner Bros.
“Dune” follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he travels to the desert planet Arrakis.
  • The film is based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, and ends halfway through the events of the book.
  • Here’s where all the major brooks shoes characters in the new “Dune” movie end up. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Paul becomes one of the Fremen tribe at the end of “Dune.”

Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides in "Dune."
Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros.

After his knife fight with Fremen warrior Jamis, Paul and his mother Jessica are allowed to join the Fremen tribe as they travel to Sietch Tabr.

Jamis had objected to Paul and Jessica’s presence amongst the tribe following their escape from the Harkonnens, meaning that Paul had to fatally wound the Fremen warrior in order to join them.

Prior to his fight with Jamis, Paul and Chani share a moment, with Chani lending Paul a dagger sacred to her family.

Jessica joins Paul and the Fremen as well.

Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica in "Dune."
Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

Despite Jessica’s misgivings over having Paul battle for a spot amongst the Fremen — she tried to persuade him to return to the Atreides’ home planet of Caladan following the Harkonnen coup — she eventually joins him in the tribe salomon boots after he kills Jamis.

Aware that Paul is, in fact, the Kwisatz Haderach, Jessica has no choice but to follow him as he attempts to bring peace to Arrakis through an alliance with the Fremen.

Stilgar accepts Paul and Jessica into the Fremen community.

Javier Bardem as Stilgar in "Dune."
Javier Bardem as Stilgar in “Dune.” Chiabella James/Warner Bros. 

During Paul and Jamis’ fight, Stilgar is in disbelief that Paul hasn’t killed anyone before — meaning Jamis is the first opponent Paul’s killed in combat.

Following Jamis’ death, Stilgar officially welcomes Paul and Jessica into the tribe.

Chani gives Paul a sacred knife before his fight with Jamis.

Zendaya as Chani in "Dune."
Zendaya as Chani in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

Even though he’d seen her several times in his dreams, the end of the film is the first time Paul and Chani actually meet. After fleeing into the desert following the Harkonnen attack, Paul and Jessica encounter the Fremen, and Paul is forced to battle Jamis to the death.

Prior to the fight, Chani and Paul have a short conversation, where Chani lends him a sacred dagger, sperry shoes telling the young nobleman that it will be an “honor” to die while using it.

Much to Chani’s (and the rest of the tribe’s) surprise, Paul is able to kill Jamis and secure a place for himself and Jessica amongst the tribe.

Duncan Idaho dies while defending Paul and Jessica in the desert.

Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho in "Dune."
Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

Duncan survives the initial Harkonnen attack on Arrakis, and manages to escape in an ornithopter (a specialized helicopter used by people living on Arrakis).

He later encounters Paul and Jessica in the desert, reuniting with them briefly before Sardaukar forces discover them. Duncan dies while fighting an impressive number of Sardaukar — allowing Paul and Jessica to escape into the deep desert.

Gurney Halleck leads the Atreides counterattack during the coup.

Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck in "Dune."
Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

As weapons master of House Atreides (and one of Duke Leto’s most trusted and powerful advisers), Gurney is at the front lines during the Harkonnen attack on Arrakis. The last viewers see of him, he’s charging into battle alongside a legion of Atreides soldiers.

While Gurney’s fate at the end of the first film is technically unknown, fans of Herbert’s novels (and David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation) will remember that Gurney does survive the Harkonnen attack.

Duke Leto dies after being captured by the Harkonnens.

Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides in "Dune."
Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

During the attack on Arrakis, Leto is incapacitated by Dr. Yueh, his personal physician who was secretly working with the Harkonnens.

But before Yueh hands him over, he replaces one of Leto’s teeth with a poison gas capsule, telling Leto to bite down hard in order to release the deadly gas.

After he’s in Harkonnen hands, Leto lures the Baron close to his face, giving him a chance to release the gas and kill almost everyone in the room. Leto dies as a result of the poison gas as well.

Baron Harkonnen is nearly killed by Leto’s poison, but ultimately survives.

Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen in "Dune."
Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

Baron Harkonnen successfully leads an attack on Atreides-held Arrakis midway through the film, ensuring that Duke Leto and all his forces are killed. He also attempts to have Paul and Jessica murdered as well, but they manage to escape to the desert.

While speaking with an incapacitated Leto after the attack, the Baron is nearly killed by the poison gas released from Leto’s tooth, but is able to survive since he had his shields up.

Last viewers see of the Baron, he’s undergoing a healing process in a terrifying tub of black goo.

Glossu Rabban takes control over Arrakis following the fall of House Atreides.

Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen in "Dune."
Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban Harkonnen in “Dune.” Courtesy of Warner Bros. 

After the Harkonnen coup on Arrakis, the Baron places Glossu Rabban in charge, ordering him to sell off spice reserves and restart spice mining.

The brutish Glossu Rabban is more than up for the task, thus beginning a new era of Harkonnen rule on the desert planet.

A Minnesota surgeon was fired after he told a local school board only parents should make decisions on whether or not their kids wear masks

school kids elementary school children
Elementary kids wearing masks. 
  • A Minnesota surgeon told a school board parents should decide whether or not their kids wear masks.
  • “It’s still their responsibility. It’s not yours,” Dr. Jeffrey Horak said, opposing a mask mandate.
  • Horak said he was fired from his job nine days later without an explanation.

A Minnesota surgeon was fired bluetooth headphones after he spoke at a school board meeting and said parents should be the ones to decide whether or not their kids wear masks, KOMO News reported.

At an October 11 meeting in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Dr. Jeffrey Horak spoke out against the district’s mask mandate.

“Who does God put in charge of these kids? Their parents,” Horak said at the meeting, KOMO News reported. “God gave each one of these kids to their parents and they speak for them. They may be wrong, they may be dumb, they may be perfect in their decisions. But it’s still their responsibility. It’s not yours, God gave it to them, honor their wishes – either side of the fence.”

In a statement on his Facebook page, Horak said nine days after he made those comments his employer, Lake Region Healthcare, told him his views were “no longer congruent” with theirs and asked him to either resign or be fired.

“I wasn’t given a reason nor was I aware of any issues or complaints about me,” Horak said in his statement.

He added: “We live in America where freedoms are held close. I am a man who believes individuals have the right to do their research and decide what is best for them and their children when it comes to their health. I don’t believe governments or institutions should dictate that. It’s a position I’ve always have taken. And when skechers outlet the science doesn’t make sense it’s hard for me to go along.”

In a statement to Insider, Lake Region Healthcare said they did not make the decision to terminate Dr. Horak.

“Lake Region Healthcare is not Dr. Horak’s employer. Dr. Horak is part of Lake Region Medical Group, the partnership of providers that Lake Region Healthcare contracts with,” a spokesperson for Lake Region Healthcare told Insider.

Dr. Greg Smith, President, of Lake Region Medical Group Board told Insider in a statement that the board, made up of nine of Horak’s partners, decided to discontinue his contract after “a thorough review process,” but said the reasons for his separation were a “confidential matter.”

“To be clear, this was a decision that was made by Dr. Horak’s peers who serve on the Medical Group Board, not by Lake Region Healthcare, the community-based hospital where Dr. Horak practiced General Surgery,” the statement said.

Fingers point to dragged-out NHTSA investigation after second death by ARC airbag inflator

Safety advocates have increased criticism of the federal government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after an exploding airbag inflator that’s been under investigation for more than six years killed a second person.

On Wednesday, NHTSA posted recall documents filed by General Motors that revealed the second death, the driver of a 2015 Chevrolet Traverse SUV with an inflator made by Tennessee company ARC blew apart, spewing shrapnel. No details were given nike sneakers about where and when the death occurred. NHTSA has said that ARC Automotive of Knoxville has manufactured about 8 million inflators used nationwide in vehicles made by General Motors, Fiat Chrysler (now Stellantis), Kia and Hyundai.

“NHTSA should have been all over this along time ago,” said Rosemary Shahan, president of California-based Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety. “There’s just no denying that it’s a (safety) defect.”

NHTSA, the agency charged with with keeping America’s automobiles and roads safe, began investigating ARC inflators in July of 2015 after two people were injured by flying shrapnel. The investigation became more urgent in 2016, when a Canadian woman driving an older Hyundai Elantra was killed by metal airbag fragments. Public records show only a little progress on the probe. In April, the agency posted a memo in saying it was reviewing volumes of information it received from ARC.

Safety advocates such as Shahan say that the dragged-out investigation is an example of the deadly consequences that can result from an understaffed and underfunded agency.

The second death should not have happened, Shahan said, and vehicles with faulty ARC inflators should have been recalled faster.

The agency, Shahan said, is “grossly underfunded,” but it still should have sought recalls of the ARC inflators. She said historically NHTSA has taken little action during Republican administrations nike store but has ramped up safety efforts when Democrats control the White House.

Messages were left Wednesday by the Associated Press seeking comment from NHTSA and ARC.

At this time, relatively few vehicles are effected. The GM recall covers only 550 Chevy Traverse SUVs from the 2013 through 2017 model years, as well as Buick Enclave SUVs from 2008 through 2017. The automaker said in a statement that the faulty front driver’s airbag inflators were either installed at the factory or in replacement airbag modules.

GM documents posted by NHTSA Wednesday show that the company is recalling cars with inflators from the same manufacturing lot.

“We make safety recall decisions based on data,” spokesman Dan Flores said in an email. “Based on our investigation this recall only covers the 550 vehicles included in this field action.”

Customers will be notified about the recall by letters starting around Nov. 22.

GM has said previously that 1.2 million of its vehicles had ARC inflators.

ARC inflators are similar to dangerous devices made by bankrupt Takata Corp. of Japan. Both use ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to asics shoes inflate the bags in a crash, and both can blow apart metal canisters that hold the chemical. But unlike Takata, ARC uses ammonium nitrate only as a secondary method of inflating the bags.

Ammonium nitrate can deteriorate when exposed repeatedly to high temperatures and humidity, and it can burn too fast, making explosions larger.

At least 19 people in the U.S. and 28 worldwide have been killed by exploding Takata inflators. More than 400 have been injured in the United States

In the most recent recall, GM wrote that it found out about the death on Sept. 2 and it decided to do the recall on Oct. 2. Documents say a GM investigation has not identified any other inflator ruptures involving vehicles involved in the recall.

In 2019, GM recalled 1,145 Chevrolet Malibu sedans from the 2010 and 2011 model years after finding out that a driver had been injured by an exploding ARC inflators.

Jason Levine, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, said manufacturers have tried in the past to limit the size of recalls, only to add more vehicles later as they did at the start of the Takata cases.

“Despite allowing its 2015 investigation to lie dormant, hopefully NHTSA will act on lessons learned from its Takata experience of defective inflators used by multiple manufacturers,” he said.