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High profile talk show actor Kam suspected of taking drugs and allowing others to take drugs

The highly concerned talk show actor karm has entered the stage of public prosecution for being suspected of drug abuse and allowing others to take drugs. Few people know that this case is actually just an “episode” of a major drug trafficking case.

Recently, Huang Ming (pseudonym), the anti drug police of Hongkou Public Security Bureau, who participated in the investigation of the case, introduced the investigation process of the case to reporters in detail. According to investigation, even in the most serious period of the epidemic, Kam was still buying marijuana from drug traffickers, and many times at home, his colleagues Chen, Li and others were allowed to smoke marijuana together.

Gather people to smoke marijuana during the epidemic

In April last year, Ouyang Road police station of Hongkou branch arrested a suspect of drug trafficking with zero package. “This man is just a delivery man, and his online is a woman who lives in other provinces and cities. Through remote control, she manipulates a network of drug traffickers. ” Huang Ming said police seized a drug trafficking gang engaged in marijuana sales in the city, suspected of selling more than 10 kg of marijuana.

This is the man who provided the marijuana Kam smoked. Just before the man was caught, he sent two orders of goods by express, one of which was to Kam. After investigation, Kam began to buy marijuana from the gang in early January this year. During the epidemic, he still bought marijuana many times and kept his colleagues Chen, Li and others to smoke together.

In May this year, Hongkou police successfully destroyed the cannabis trafficking gang and arrested several drug users, including Kam.

Drug dealers use virtual currency to trade drug money

So, how does this zero pack drug trafficking suspect get into the eyes of the police? Time will go back to last year. At that time, Hongkou police spent nearly four months to successfully detect a drug project under the supervision of the Ministry of public security, and the whole chain destroyed a huge drug trafficking network covering more than 10 provinces and cities across the country. The suspect is a relation of a drug dealer in that case.

Speaking of the case discovered last year, Huang Ming felt deeply: “drug dealers are really cunning.” According to him, the anti investigation awareness of drug traffickers is amazing now. They communicate internally through a chat software with the function of “burn after reading”, and have special connection code. “My family will ask ‘are you fat?’ and my family will answer ‘5 jin fat’. Only when the secret code is used can the transaction be continued. ”

The gang’s way of dealing in drug money is also very secretive. Huang Ming told reporters that the gang does not accept cash transfer, and the family should provide poison money to the family by buying virtual currency. “According to the real-time value of the virtual currency, the last family calculated the poison money into the virtual currency value. The next family should purchase the corresponding amount of virtual currency on the trading website, and then transfer the virtual currency number, password and other information to the last family to complete the poison money transaction.”

Later, the family disguised marijuana as tea or traditional Chinese medicine and sent it to the family by express delivery. Generally, the volume of a transaction is about one or two kilograms. Because the packaging is confusing, it’s hard to find.

400 marijuana plants were planted in the mountains

No fox can defeat a good hunter. Under the coordination of the Ministry of public security, the task force traced the information flow and capital flow of drug traffickers and finally led to Li Mou, who was in Henan Province. Last April, with the cooperation of Henan police, the task force launched a secret investigation of Li.

“From the amount he sold, we think he must have a marijuana base and should be hiding in the mountains.” According to the shipment volume and transaction frequency of a gang Li mastered in the early stage, the task force has the above judgment, but it can only be solved through finding out the planting base and the transaction network.

“In order to find the source of the poison, we pretended to be local people and followed up for more than two months. It’s a very challenging job. We should be bold and careful, and also be flexible. ” Despite their efforts, investigators found Li’s marijuana planting base in a mountain depression on the outskirts of Henan Province, where more than 400 marijuana plants were planted. “He hired relatives to mix marijuana with corn, ginger and other agricultural products. At first glance, it looks like ordinary farmland.”

At the same time, the members of the task force in Shanghai also found out the composition of the gang. Li, who used to be a small businessman, bought marijuana seeds from the Internet and brought them back to his hometown for cultivation. Then, through the network to meet drug traffickers, step by step to expand their cannabis sales network. By the time of the crime, his family had been in more than ten provinces and cities across the country, and the frequency of transactions was very high.

The time is ripe for capture. On July 11 last year, the special task force collected more than 10 suspects, including Li and Hu, and seized more than 50 kg of marijuana.

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