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Jessica Alba Takes on Another TikTok Dance Craze in Sports Bra & Leggings Set With Neon Sneakers

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Another day, another TikTok dance for Jessica Alba.

The “Good Luck Chuck” actress appeared in a TikTok video yesterday participating in the Uno Dos Tres Challenge alongside her 12-year-old daughter, Honor. Alba suited up in a sports bra and leggings set from P.E. Nation. She appeared to be wearing the Ignition Sports Bra in black (marked down to $59 from $89 on the brand’s site). The sports bra was paired with black leggings with white and orange racing stripes going down the side.

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Something Went Wrong

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#unodostreschallenge Me wanting to turn errrything into a dance lolz #Workouts w my #Honorcita #TikTok #latina ????

♬ sonido original – toni.vlc06

For footwear, Alba selected coral-colored kicks with bold neon accents. The lace-up shoes appeared to feature a knit upper fused to a rubber sole.

Meanwhile, Honor was clad in a black T-shirt with white writing across the front, teamed with black biker shorts. The tween wore white sneakers to complete her casual look.

Alba has been one of the most active stars on TikTok, frequently sharing videos of herself dancing with friends or family members, applying makeup from her brand, Honest Company, or making healthy meals. The mom of three typically keeps comfy for her videos in leggings or sweats, selecting casual wares from labels such as Tory Sport, Reebok x Victoria Beckham and Twenty Montreal.

When it comes to her off-duty shoe style, Alba often can be found in sneakers, favoring silhouettes from brands like Converse, Adidas and Nike. For red carpet appearances, the “Dark Angel” alum most often can be found in high heels, reaching for soaring silhouettes from the likes of Giuseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo.

Although Alba is best known for her work on screen, she has amassed a considerable fortune from Honest Company, which she co-founded in 2011. Honest Company has a valuation of $1 billion, and Alba is believed to own somewhere between 15% and 20% of it.  According to Forbes, the entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of roughly $340 million.

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Nike, women’s sneakers

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Click through the gallery to see how more celebs style their leggings, including Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes and Kylie Jenner.

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Prince Harry Was ONLY Allowed To Marry Meghan Because She Was Biracial?!

As an outsider joining the Royal family, Meghan Markle faced more scrutiny and criticism than almost anyone else on the world’s stage in recent years. Much of it felt like a subtly racist reaction to the fact she was a biracial woman (and an American one at that) marrying into a very traditional aristocratic British family.

But according to an upcoming book, the Suits star’s biracial identity may actually have been the only thing which kept her from being rejected by The Firm!

Lady Colin Campbell, in her new book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, argues Prince Harry “wouldn’t have been allowed to marry” an actress from the US if she’d been a white woman.

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Huh. How’s that exactly??

The author is known for her best-selling 1992 biography of Princess DianaDiana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows, which at the time was met with incredulity — though much of what she wrote was proven true later.

In this book, Lady C claims Queen Elizabeth looked at Meghan’s biracial identity as a bridge to the future for the fam, an addition which, according to an excerpt obtained by DailyMail.com, “made the monarchy both reflective and representative of multicultural, multiracial Britain in a way that a white California-born actress who had been a cast member of a popular television series could never have.”

We mean, she’s not wrong. And who cares if it upsets the old racists, right? Screw ’em.

However, Her Majesty’s motives may have been a little on the cynical side, per Lady C, who writes about how making the Royals seem more modern gave them a bit more protection against being dismissed by the government:

“The Queen, who is well known to be a wit, said to a friend, ‘Mr Corbyn will find it much more difficult to get rid of us now that Meghan’s in the family.’”

Hmm. The Queen is one of the only public figures we actually can believe is playing 4-D chess. She’s one smart cookie. Sorry, biscuit?

Lady C says another source told her everything else about the match was doomed — her nationality, her career — but her race was actually “welcomed” by the Queen:

“As a prince once told me, ‘Had Meghan not been a woman of colour, they would never have allowed the marriage. It was the only thing that was unreservedly in her favour.’”

How fascinating! Do YOU buy it??

High profile talk show actor Kam suspected of taking drugs and allowing others to take drugs

The highly concerned talk show actor karm has entered the stage of public prosecution for being suspected of drug abuse and allowing others to take drugs. Few people know that this case is actually just an “episode” of a major drug trafficking case.

Recently, Huang Ming (pseudonym), the anti drug police of Hongkou Public Security Bureau, who participated in the investigation of the case, introduced the investigation process of the case to reporters in detail. According to investigation, even in the most serious period of the epidemic, Kam was still buying marijuana from drug traffickers, and many times at home, his colleagues Chen, Li and others were allowed to smoke marijuana together.

Gather people to smoke marijuana during the epidemic

In April last year, Ouyang Road police station of Hongkou branch arrested a suspect of drug trafficking with zero package. “This man is just a delivery man, and his online is a woman who lives in other provinces and cities. Through remote control, she manipulates a network of drug traffickers. ” Huang Ming said police seized a drug trafficking gang engaged in marijuana sales in the city, suspected of selling more than 10 kg of marijuana.

This is the man who provided the marijuana Kam smoked. Just before the man was caught, he sent two orders of goods by express, one of which was to Kam. After investigation, Kam began to buy marijuana from the gang in early January this year. During the epidemic, he still bought marijuana many times and kept his colleagues Chen, Li and others to smoke together.

In May this year, Hongkou police successfully destroyed the cannabis trafficking gang and arrested several drug users, including Kam.

Drug dealers use virtual currency to trade drug money

So, how does this zero pack drug trafficking suspect get into the eyes of the police? Time will go back to last year. At that time, Hongkou police spent nearly four months to successfully detect a drug project under the supervision of the Ministry of public security, and the whole chain destroyed a huge drug trafficking network covering more than 10 provinces and cities across the country. The suspect is a relation of a drug dealer in that case.

Speaking of the case discovered last year, Huang Ming felt deeply: “drug dealers are really cunning.” According to him, the anti investigation awareness of drug traffickers is amazing now. They communicate internally through a chat software with the function of “burn after reading”, and have special connection code. “My family will ask ‘are you fat?’ and my family will answer ‘5 jin fat’. Only when the secret code is used can the transaction be continued. ”

The gang’s way of dealing in drug money is also very secretive. Huang Ming told reporters that the gang does not accept cash transfer, and the family should provide poison money to the family by buying virtual currency. “According to the real-time value of the virtual currency, the last family calculated the poison money into the virtual currency value. The next family should purchase the corresponding amount of virtual currency on the trading website, and then transfer the virtual currency number, password and other information to the last family to complete the poison money transaction.”

Later, the family disguised marijuana as tea or traditional Chinese medicine and sent it to the family by express delivery. Generally, the volume of a transaction is about one or two kilograms. Because the packaging is confusing, it’s hard to find.

400 marijuana plants were planted in the mountains

No fox can defeat a good hunter. Under the coordination of the Ministry of public security, the task force traced the information flow and capital flow of drug traffickers and finally led to Li Mou, who was in Henan Province. Last April, with the cooperation of Henan police, the task force launched a secret investigation of Li.

“From the amount he sold, we think he must have a marijuana base and should be hiding in the mountains.” According to the shipment volume and transaction frequency of a gang Li mastered in the early stage, the task force has the above judgment, but it can only be solved through finding out the planting base and the transaction network.

“In order to find the source of the poison, we pretended to be local people and followed up for more than two months. It’s a very challenging job. We should be bold and careful, and also be flexible. ” Despite their efforts, investigators found Li’s marijuana planting base in a mountain depression on the outskirts of Henan Province, where more than 400 marijuana plants were planted. “He hired relatives to mix marijuana with corn, ginger and other agricultural products. At first glance, it looks like ordinary farmland.”

At the same time, the members of the task force in Shanghai also found out the composition of the gang. Li, who used to be a small businessman, bought marijuana seeds from the Internet and brought them back to his hometown for cultivation. Then, through the network to meet drug traffickers, step by step to expand their cannabis sales network. By the time of the crime, his family had been in more than ten provinces and cities across the country, and the frequency of transactions was very high.

The time is ripe for capture. On July 11 last year, the special task force collected more than 10 suspects, including Li and Hu, and seized more than 50 kg of marijuana.

Kourtney Kardashian Wears ANOTHER Of Scott Disick’s Shirts! See His Flirty Response!

Is there a saying for sharing wardrobes? The couple that swaps outfits together, eventually gets together…?

Cute colloquialisms aside, that’s the question on everyone’s minds regarding Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. Just a day after Kourt posted a loving Father’s Day messageto her ex, she’s now posing in yet ANOTHER of Lord Disick’s flannels!

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The pair has been spending a lot of quality family time together after Scott’s scary rehab stay and split from Sofia Richie, so of course there have been reconciliation rumors. Now it seems like these two are fanning the flames as the Poosh founder posted a set of pics wearing one of her baby daddy’s big shirts — and Scott played along with a flirty comment.

First Kourt posted:

That would have been eyebrow-raising enough, but then Scott commented on the post:

“Cute shirt”

Aaaaaand… that’s about enough to make us all go wild with speculation!

Fans freaked out over the interaction. Comments included:

“Skourt forever ❤️”

“I can’t handle. I CANNOT handle.”

“Can they please get back together ?”

The former (and future?) couple is currently on holiday in Wyoming with Kim Kardashian West and matriarch Kris Jenner, along with their kids. Kourtney also posted some snaps taken by their 5-year-old son with the caption:

“Reign’s perspective ?”.”

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Is a reunion in the cards? Let us know your take in the comments (below).

Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip

With so many Netflix TV shows out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth watching and which ones are totally worth skipping. While the streaming juggernaut has done wonders for TV fanatics, it obviously can’t win all battles. Despite creating a plethora of critically-lauded shows, the Netflix has also produced some real stinkers. Like, no joke.

As Netflix’s TV archive continues to expand, it’s worthwhile to take stock of all the shows it has to offer since it seems impossible to keep track of them all on your own. While some shows continuously make the headlines, there are also quite a few that will leave you speechless in the worst possible way. These series are just downright terrible. To help you figure out which Netflix TV originals are worth your time, we have compiled a handy dandy list that lays out the worst of the worst, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Yup, we’ve totally got you covered.Seriously, these shows are total flops, so do yourself a favor and spend your time wisely doing something else. No need to thank us! Just scroll down below to check out all the Netflix TV shows that you should skip.

’13 Reasons Why’

 '13 Reasons Why' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

This controversial show deals with a lot of heavy subject material. It stirred up countless debates about mental health and suicide. Whether the show effectively handles these topics is subjective, but at least it attempts to address issues that are often labeled as taboo. The story 13 Reasons Why chronicles is haunting and often difficult to watch, but the show falters deeply beyond the first season. It is clear that this should have remained a mini-series and the continuation of the narrative feels overwhelmingly unnecessary. Sometimes, no matter how sky high the ratings may be, you need to walk away before completely ruining the story.

‘Spinning Out’
 'Spinning Out' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Oddly enough, Spinning Out neither showcases ice skating enough nor does it capitalize on the most exciting plot lines. It’s a scattered series despite boasting the talent of Kaya Scodelario. Between soapy vibe and lackluster drama, Spinning Out does not stick the landing. There’s no tonal clarity and really nothing to look forward to as the episodes continue on.

‘Too Hot to Handle’

 'Too Hot to Handle' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

From the embarrassing concept to the even more cringe-inducing contestants, there is nothing salvageable about Too Hot to Handle. Unlike other reality TV shows on Netflix like Love Is Blind, this one is a total flop. The challenges are boring, there’s no one worth rooting for, and the drama is less than stellar.

 'Insatiable' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

As the head bitch on arguably the worst show Netflix has ever produced, Patty is an intolerable mess. She makes it her mission to destroy anyone who might try to put an end to her crazy ways, and she has the audacity to out a gay couple. Heck, Patty even murders the guy who is obsessed with her, and kidnaps the model she’s in competition with. It’s pretty obvious Patty is the equivalent of hot cheese rotting in a dumpster.

Rather than showing a sincere and vulnerable story about body image, Insatiable leans into a campy, shallow approach when discussing body shaming. It’s a disastrous, hodge-lodge of a series that takes a teachable moment and morphs it into something heinous. This is the type of show you would want to throw into the abyss just so you never have to think about it ever again.

‘The Letter for the King’

 'The Letter for the King' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Distracting, unoriginal, and wholly unwatchable, The Letter for the King is a clear miss. Despite the low episode count, this period fantasy losses steam fast and it could definitely do much better when it comes to showcasing the characters of color. Some plot reveals are totally disheartening. Plus, the poorly scripted dialogue isn’t doing the young actors any favors.

‘The Politician’

 'The Politician' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The show simply isn’t as innovative or as self-aware as it may seem. Even the pacing is off, with the first four episodes moving at a rather glacial speed. While Ben Platt may appear as the shinning force behind The Politician, Gwyneth Paltrow is the real scene stealer. The Oscar-winning actress portrays Payton Hobart’s adoptive mother, Georgina, who is meant to be a self-aware parody of Paltrow herself. Georgina is a deliciously hilarious embodiment of white privilege, relentless entitlement, and generational wealth. Expect her to effortlessly satirize rich people problems as she saunters in her emerald caftan, dripping in diamonds and totally oblivious to the plight of average plebeians.

‘Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings’

 'Dolly Parton's Heartstrings' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio
The writing is pretty banal and so is the acting. In between all the longing stares and lip biting, it’s hard not to roll your eyes or scream out in agony while watching Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. Everything about this show is terrible and not in a good way. Yeah, that means you can’t even hate-watch it.

‘Sweet Magnolias’

 'Sweet Magnolias' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

This sappy, viscerally piercing series is basically Hallmark holiday movie served as a TV show. Obviously, all the razzle dazzle of Christmas magic is missing from Sweet Magnoliasand it plays like a blinding, nauseatingly cheesy adaptation of Sherryl Woods’ popular book series.

‘Virgin River’

 'Virgin River' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio


Based on Robyn Carr’s beloved novels, Virgin River is like a bizarre hybrid of Good Witchand 7th Heaven. Just so we’re clear: that’s not a slam dunk combination. While it starts off okay, the Netflix series quickly becomes boring despite the gorgeous cinematography. The performances are about as good as those you’ll find in a Hallmark movie and plot is way too squeaky clean. Where’s the heat?

‘Anne with an E’

 'Anne with an E' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The series starts off as quite bland and then, somehow, manages to become even duller. The acting is forgettable and Anne with an E does not do justice to the original source material. Although it’s beautifully shot, the serene landscapes cannot make up for the dreary dialogue and snoring plot lines. There’s a high chance you’ll fall asleep while watching this snooze fest. This revisionist rendition of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famed novels is poorly written and is not well adapted for the modern age.

‘The Goop Lab’

 'The Goop Lab' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio


What’s the purpose of this show? You will inevitably ponder this questions over and over again until head your starts to bleed. As if you need another reason to roll your eyes as Gwyneth Paltrow, Netflix has presented us with The Goop Lab. It’s a show no one asked for and one no one will miss if it were to disappear instantaneously. It’s off the rails, pretentious, and totally out of touch with reality.

‘Iron Fist’

 'Iron Fist' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Unlike the other Marvel shows on Netflix, Iron Fist is a total misstep. The series lacks a solid identity because it has no idea what it wants or what it needs to be. To be frank, the casting is completely off and the show fails to demolish stereotypes by giving the lead role to a white actor. It is painfully obvious this part belongs to an Asian actor. Even the writing is of poor quality and creatively falls flat. It fails to offer a satisfying form of escapism, in spite of all the action and fantastical elements.


 'What/If' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The cringe-inducing drama really only works because of Renee Zellweger’s impeccable acting. Only an Oscar-winner of her caliber could elevate such sloppy content. Since this is meant to be an anthology series, that means Zellweger showing up for every other season is not a guarantee and it also a major low blow.

‘Living with Yourself’

 'Living with Yourself' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

While we all love Paul Rudd, Living with Yourself isn’t all that enticing. The show boasts a lofty idea which isn’t executed to its full potential. Granted, it’s not a terrible show but it’s not as hilarious or inventive as you’d expect it to be.


 'Bodyguard' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Bodyguard starts off as a high-caliber thriller that masterfully builds tension. You’ll find yourself questioning everything you see and hear, paranoid by where everyone’s loyalties and motivations. However, it’s depiction of muslims gravely falter as stereotypical, cringe-worthy, and downright ignorant. It is, quite frankly, the biggest hurdle the series must overcome.

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is uneven at best, but it does provide a beautiful conclusion to both Emily and Lorelai’s stories. Unfortunately, thank to the dark cloud of Rory’s vastly deteriorating personality, this revival becomes unbearable. Once a beloved character whose personality shined brightly (at least in the first few seasons), Rory’s trajectory into one of the most deplorable fictional characters of all time is painful to watch for hardcore fans of the show.

‘The I-Land’

 'The I-Land' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Netflix’s The I-Land is the poor man’s version of Lost and it won’t raise your heartbeat to the umpteenth degree. Between the embarrassing dialogue and the painfully terrible acting, it’s a lot to take in. For some reason the show thinks it’s a lot smarter than it is. The I-Land tries to be a high-stakes drama but it’s subpar, convoluted plotline will throw you for a loop in the worst possible way. Be warned: There’s a high chance you’ll want to hurl yourself off a balcony after watching the first episode. Yes, this show is that bad. Save yourself the agony and go watch Firefly for the millionth time.


 'Chambers' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

It’s hard to believe Uma Thurman wasted all of her talent in this garbage series. The story moves at a snail’s pace and when the drama finally builds, it’s a total letdown. Frankly, Chambers is a bloated supernatural drama. Despite being touted as a thriller, there’s nothing exhilarating about it especially since it has no momentum.

‘The Punisher’

 'The Punisher' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

While Frank Castle is an intriguing character, the story stretches too thin. In fact, The Punisher should be pared down from 13 not-so-good episodes to 6 solid ones. The poorly structured series is overinflated with unnecessary twists and overly complicated storylines. With little to no substance, the drama is a punishing experience to get through. Granted it is not nearly as bad as Iron Fist, but that isn’t saying much. It’s quite baffling to see the sheer difference and disparity in both creativity and scale when it comes to Marvel’s cinematic endeavors and its TV franchises.

‘Fuller House’

 'Fuller House' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The comedy series mostly gets by on nostalgia rather than originality or humor. At best, this revival serves as a semi-decent remedy for your Sunday morning hangover. Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of Fuller House is that it has nothing new to say. The stories are lazily thrown together and it fails to rely on the elements that made its predecessor a success. If anything, it is quite obvious that this Netflix spinoff threatens to wipe out all the pleasant memories of the original series and tarnish its legacy. In the words of Stephanie Tanner: “How rude” is that?

‘Marco Polo’

 'Marco Polo' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Apart from the slam-dunk cinematography and gorgeous costumes, there’s a lot to be desired here. This Netflix original attempts to rival HBO’s Game of Thrones, but there’s no comparison here. Drogon would eat Marco Polo for breakfast. The problem is the show’s desire to borrow successful aspects of other shows, but those same elements are either incorporated poorly into Marco Polo or the simply don’t work. Rather than focusing on building its own unique footprint, the series focuses too hard on imitating others. While the cinematography is impressive and it is obvious the Netflix drama is not cheaply made, the same effort is not invested in the narrative. Couple that with dicey acting and underdeveloped characters and the show isn’t all that appealing.

‘The Ranch’

 'The Ranch' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The Ranch is better as background noise than it is as a must-watch TV show. Despite solid performances from Debra Winger and Sam Elliott, there isn’t much depth or humor in this series. Sure it’s easy to watch, but it’s also easy to dismiss. From the formulaic plotline to the contrived characterization, there is nothing authentic or particularly intriguing about the series. At times, it feels as if the show is digging at the bottom of the barrel in search of one-liners which are not even set up properly. There’s no saving this tattered mess of a sitcom.

‘Hemlock Grove’

 'Hemlock Grove' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Hemlock Grove went off with a relative bang, but things fall apart in Season 2. Plus, its slow pacing and disjointed storylines are hard to keep up with. There’s enough gore to keep horror hounds satisfied, and the cast is as attractive and angsty as you would want them to be. Still, the series is a ridiculous mess, but it’s not ridiculous enough to be wildly entertaining. Even with all the blood and volatile action, the horror series flops right on its face.

‘Altered Carbon’

 'Altered Carbon' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Altered Carbon has the potential to be great, but it never materializes on that promise. In fact, the series alternates between being frustrating and downright mediocre. The setting is fascinating, but the sci-fi thriller gets bogged down by poorly-constructed characters and a derivative main plot. It’s obvious the writing need a major overhaul before the series went into production. Despite all the visual accomplishments, nothing about the series is audacious. Pertinent issues about identity politics and technological challenges are mishandled which make Altered Carbon a total misfire.


 'Girlboss' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

This series is a clear and rare misfire for Netflix. Girlboss feels like the weird, forgotten cousin of Degrassi with its abundance of sex and profanity. It’s the type of show that aggressively wants you to like it. In fact, the Netflix version of Sophia Amoruso is a rebel who doesn’t care if you like her, but in actuality, she cares a lot. Like a lot. That’s precisely what makes her pseudo angst and rage against adulthood all the more confusing. Girlboss is obscenely unaware and in many ways ⏤ given the far more interesting, accurate articles and profiles written on Amorouso’s controversial behavior and actions ⏤ this is a wildly unnecessary show. It adds nothing to a conversation no one wants to have in the first place.


 'Gypsy' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

It’s a mystery how this show was even picked up. Gypsy is clunky, boring, and fails so hard at being risqué. While it’s meant to be an meditation on a middle-aged woman’s unyielding desires, in reality the show fails to properly explore this theme. Nothing titillating happens nor does the drama ever present any emotionally challenging circumstances. Even with a cast of stellar actors, Gypsy goes nowhere. Poor Naomi Watts does her best, but even she can’t salvage this travesty. It’s boring and the dialogue is shockingly artificial. For a show that chronicles the messed up life of a therapist, it fails miserably. The ideas are half-baked and the execution is even worse.


 'Disjointed' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Disjointed leans too heavily into stereotypical humor. There are a lot of low-hanging jokes about “sticking it to the man,” and the forgettable comedy doesn’t deserve Kathy Bates’ talent. You’ll be lusting after her AHS: Freakshow bearded lady after seeing Bates in Disjointed. Plus, the show lacks coherence and is the opposite of funny. It almost feels like watching your grandmother take an ill-timed, wildly inappropriate stab at edginess. Perhaps the most “disjointed” aspect of the show is that it goes nowhere and never really says anything. It’s like the series incorporate every contrite cliche and outlandish trope it can find and harnesses it in the most knee-slapping way possible.

‘Lost in Space’

 'Lost in Space' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Despite its promising plot line, Lost in Space is an overly-ambitious mess of a series. The series doesn’t do enough with its best characters, like the snaky Doctor Smith, but rather focuses on the drearier internal conflicts within the Robinson family. Despite snagging a big budget, this sci-fi series fails to reach new heights. Obviously, the main downfall lies strictly in the hands of the show’s writers.


 'Flaked' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

The ensemble cast is talented, but their humor doesn’t translate on-screen. Will Arnett developed the series alongside Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz. In spite of their combined genius, Flaked is a widely forgotten show and for good reason. It’s uneventful and moves like molasses. Chip is beyond redemption. This character is both unlikable (which isn’t the problem) and also unwatchable (which is the problem). Above all, Flaked is yet another series that wants to explore the exasperating life of an emotionally stunted wild man who refuses to grow up. It is a tired concept and it does not translate well onscreen.

‘Haters Back Off!’

 'Haters Back Off!' - Netflix TV Shows You Should Definitely Skip - Zimbio

Well, it looks like the haters won this time. This snooze fest of a series was cancelled after two seasons, but only after it breathed life into a cringe-worthy star. Haters Back Off! is a lackluster series that fails to translate the viral success of Miranda Sings’ deluded and outlandish personality from YouTube to the small screen. Perhaps that’s because Miranda isn’t bearable for an extended amount of time. She is the type of over-the-top, in-your-face character that can only be taken in bursts.

Dixie Chicks Change Their Name To The Chicks And Drop Protest Song

On Thursday, The Dixie Chicks officially dropped “Dixie” from their name. The iconic country trio, which consists of Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, and Martie Maguire, now simply go by The Chicks. It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The band’s name has already been changed on their social media accounts and has also been updated on all their recent music releases.

The Chicks took to their website to offer an official statement on the name change and the reasoning behind it. The words “We want to meet this moment” are written in solidarity on The Chicks’ website, thus signifying this decision was made amid ongoing protests against racial injustice.

 . - Dixie Chicks Change Their Name To The Chicks And Drop Protest Song - Zimbio

In a press statement, The Chicks added: “A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to ‘The Chicks’ of [New Zealand] for their gracious gesture in allowing us to share their name. We are honored to co-exist together in the world with these exceptionally talented sisters. Chicks Rock!”
 . - Dixie Chicks Change Their Name To The Chicks And Drop Protest Song - Zimbio


This decision comes at the heels of Lady Antebellum’s sound decision to change their name to simply Lady A. Both country music groups are aiming to make their music feel like a refuge that it also blatantly inclusive to all fans. With that in mind, these name changes make sense.

What’s more? The Chicks dropped a brand new single on Thursday called “March March.” The song will be part of their upcoming and highly anticipated fifth studio album, Gaslighter. “March March” is produced by Jack Antonoff so you already know it’s a banger.

The song is lyrically progressive, addressing Greta Thunberg and other young climate advocates. “March March” also addresses pertinent issues like gun violence, underpaid teachers, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Near the end of the song, as Maguire plays a sensational fiddle solo, the names of African-Americans killed at the hands of police flash forward. The Chicks leave us with one last important message: “Use your voice. Use your vote.”

It’s been 14 long years since The Chicks released 2006’s Taking the long Way. Their new album, Gaslighter, drops on July 17th so mark your calendars.

7 Smart Spending Strategies in a Tough Economy

Smiling and laughing friends sharing dinner at table in backyard

Rather than going out or ordering takeout, consider having friends and family over for a potluck dinner party.(GETTY IMAGES)

EVEN IF YOU HAVE HELD onto your job during the coronavirus pandemic, you probably are looking for smart spending strategies and have been more than anxious about your bank account.


After all, the unemployment rate is high – officially it was 13.3% for May, although if it wasn’t for a data collections process error, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it would be around 16.3% – and nobody knows what financial future lies ahead.

So if you’re looking for smart spending strategies in a tough economy, you may want to try the following.

  • Create a budget.
  • Dine out – at home.
  • Plan out your meals.
  • Track your spending.
  • Before your buy, talk it over.
  • Keep your credit card information off of websites.
  • Apply for a credit card.


25 Ways to Fix Your Finances Fast. ]

Create a Budget

In a nutshell, you can put together a budget by keeping track of your monthly expenses after taxes. Generally, that’s going to be housing expenses, food, clothing, health care, transportation and miscellaneous costs.

But, of course, it’s not that easy. If you have pets, do you spread out those costs over groceries (pet food) and health care (veterinary visits) or stick them into “miscellaneous”? What about the expenses that aren’t monthly but show up periodically throughout the year, like back-to-school shopping, holiday shopping, birthday gifts and oil changes?

All of that said, it really doesn’t matter how you categorize those hard-to-place expenses, as long as you keep track of them somewhere and somehow.

There are also numerous ways to keep track of a budget, from using money management apps to budget calendars to writing everything down on paper or in a Word document. You could spend hours and hours crafting the perfect budget – they’re that important.

Rebecca Hunter, CEO of TheLoadedPig.com, a personal finance website, has a smart suggestion to keep in mind for people creating – or reworking – a budget: Make sure your budget includes some room for fun stuff that you don’t need.

“So many people are trying budgeting strategies right now and may even try to cut out all wants from their spending. Unfortunately, this leads to impulse buying and, in some cases, racking up credit card debt. A way to prevent impulse buying and to maintain mental health is by allocating a small amount of your monthly budget to wants,” Hunter says.

Dine Out – at Home

So you’re tired of sheltering in place, and you want to see your friends and relatives – but from a health and financial perspective, you also aren’t sure you can afford to socialize.

Lauren Klein, a certified financial planner and the founder and president of Klein Financial Advisors in Newport Beach, California, has a suggestion that may reduce your odds of picking up the coronavirus – and should mean that you’ll spend less on entertainment expenses.

“Once it’s safe to socialize, consider inviting friends and family over to share the culinary skills they picked up during quarantine. Even when social distancing, having the gang over for an outdoor BYOB is a great way to relax while keeping your credit card safely locked away and your budget in check,” Klein says.

She also points out that, according to the BLS, before the pandemic, the average American household spent about $3,000 a year dining out. So this may well be a part of your budget that needs some work.

Plan Out Your Meals

Even though groceries are generally cheaper than restaurant food, many people likely spend more money at the supermarket than they need to because they don’t have much of a meal plan.

For instance, maybe on a Sunday afternoon, you buy something like ground beef assuming that later in the week you might make cheeseburgers or a hamburger noodle casserole or tacos. You’re not really sure what you’re going to make with it, but you’ll come up with something. So Wednesday comes, and tacos it is, but you realize you don’t have taco shells, or you end up only using half of the ground beef before throwing the rest away because you didn’t plan to use it for other meals before it spoiled. And now you’ve wasted money and food.

Careful meal planning for the weeks ahead before you go to the supermarket may help you spend less.

Track Your Spending

As noted earlier, having a budget is very important. Making sure you follow it is just as important. Otherwise, it’s almost as if you don’t have a budget.

Mike Earl, a certified financial planner at The Wealth Group in Minneapolis, advises you to go back in time with how you track your spending. Earl suggests not using or getting rid of apps that help you track spending and manage money – and instead manually track all of your spending. Earl says that he and his wife track their spending in a simple Google Drive spreadsheet.

“While apps and software can be great, being on autopilot in the area of spending and budgeting is not helpful,” Earl says. “Since the apps and software usually download all your transactions automatically, it means you’re not as mindful about each spending decision.”

Earl says that he used the popular money management website Mint.com, for years, “but it never put a dent in how much money I spent. Once I began tracking my own spending in a simple spreadsheet – this was nearly 10 years ago – my spending declined by 35% immediately.”

Before You Buy, Talk It Over With Your Partner or Yourself First

Joyce West is a career, business and executive coach who also owns a resume writing business in San Francisco. She says that whenever she or her husband plan to spend more than $35, they check with the other first.

“Of course, we could spend much more than that and $35 isn’t going to break the bank, but it really helps us practice good financial hygiene. Every little bit you save and invest now means you can retire way earlier,” West says.

Even if you’re single, you can come up with a version of this rule. For instance, maybe you like to impulse shop, and maybe you’ll continue to do that, but from here on, perhaps you develop a policy in which you don’t allow yourself to do impulse shopping for any item over $35 – or maybe $20 seems more responsible. If you come up with easy-to-follow spending policies, you may actually start to see yourself spending less money.

Track and Manage Subscriptions With These 4 Apps

Shot of a young man going over his finances at home

Here are some apps that will help you trim expenses and boost your budget.(GETTY IMAGES)

TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK about your subscription payments. How many streaming platforms, dating apps, subscription boxes, exercise clubs and other services do you pay for each month? How much does it cost you?


If you’re willing to do more of the legwork yourself, you can always review your credit card and banking statements to identify – and possibly cancel – subscriptions. You may also head to your Apple settings menu or the Google Play Store to tally auto-paid app-based subscriptions and cancel unused memberships.

Read on for more about the apps that do some of this work for you.



25 Summer Budgeting Tips. ]


Cost: Signing up is free, but certain add-ons, such as its bill negotiation service, require a fee.
Available on: iOS, Android.

Features: This budgeting app allows you to monitor and cancel subscriptions. Once you give Truebill access to your credit cards or bank accounts, the digital tool can scan for recurring payments and flag them. After reviewing your subscriptions, you can choose to keep or cancel those memberships on your own or, if you’re a premium subscriber, have the app cancel for you.

Be aware that you’ll need to be comfortable giving Truebill permission to access your financial accounts, which may be a turnoff for some security-conscious consumers. You will also need to give the service permission to charge your credit card if you opt to use its bill negotiation feature, which charges 40% of savings, and other paid upgrades.



14 Money Moves You Will Be Thankful For. ]


Cost: Signing up is free, but there are paid features such as bill negotiation.
Available on: phone via text message.

Features: Trim is a financial management tool that enables users to view recurring charges and manage subscriptions. A free account will give you a personal finance dashboard, spending alerts and subscription management help. For additional fees, you may access bill negotiation, debt payoff and other features. One premium feature, the bill negotiation service, charges 33% of your savings.


Cost: Free to download, but in-app purchases are required to unlock certain features.
Available on: iOS and Android (still in development mode).

Features: Bobby allows you to manage subscriptions and receive notifications when a bill is due. Your subscriptions are entered manually into the app, which nixes the need to link your bank account. The app can give you an overview of existing subscriptions and help you manage and pay monthly bills.



9 Secrets to Save Money on a Shoestring Budget. ]


Cost: Free, but in-app purchases are available.
Available on: Android.

Features: Subby allows users to log subscription services and manage payments. Bills are added manually, and the app contains more than 400 subscription icons. The paid upgrade removes ads and allows for features like cloud backup.

The Bottom Line

There are a variety of apps that allow users to add, manage and track subscriptions. Some apps may require that you link to a card or bank account, so make sure you’re comfortable sharing that information. Others require manually inputting subscriptions, which is more time-consuming but may be an exercise that opens your eyes to how many recurring payments you make each month.

Make sure to use strong passwords on your phone and in the apps. And while some of these apps market the fact that their notifications allow you to make every payment on time, remember that many of these bills are already automatically deducted from your account.

Although these apps tend to be free at sign-up, they may charge for additional upgrades or services. Make sure that any premium feature you sign onto is truly worth the savings it claims to bring. After all, the last thing you want is to add another unwanted charge to your credit card bill.

Newsom: California Could Pause or Rollback Reopenings Amid Coronavirus Surge

The Associated Press

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday penalize counties that fail to comply with the state’s mandates on wearing masks, testing and other measures meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

CALIFORNIA IS experiencing a surge in its coronavirus cases, causing its governor to leave open the option of pausing or rolling back reopenings.

Health officials on Thursday reported more than 5,300 new cases of the virus, which is down from the record number of infections – over 7,000 – reported on Wednesday.

More than 196,000 people in the state have tested positive for the virus, and over 5,700 people have died from it, according to Johns Hopkins University. The positivity rate, or the ratio of positive tests to total tests, has been climbing and reached 5.6% for the past seven days.

Photos: California Confronts COVID-19

A man looks toward the shore line at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Saturday, March 21, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday indicated he might roll back reopenings in some areas if coronavirus patients start to strain hospitals and intensive care units.

“To the extent we do not see progress being made, and we’re not advancing the cause of public health and public safety, then we certainly reserve the right to put a pause in terms of advancing into the subsequent phase,” Newsom said. “…We have the capacity and ability to toggle back in terms of the stay-at-home order and the guidance that we put out.”

[MAP: The Spread of Coronavirus]

Hospitals in California have seen a 32% increase in coronavirus patients in the past two weeks, according to Newsom.

Los Angeles County reports the most cases of any other county in the country. Newsom said health officials are closely monitoring 11 counties in particular.

The governor and state health officials last week said that residents are required to wear masks in many situations and especially when they are indoors. The California Department of Health cited growing scientific evidence that pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people can spread the virus in the announcement.



States Grapple With How to Respond as Coronavirus Cases Surge ]

Leading infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci had positive things to say about the state’s handling of its outbreak this week.

“I think California is starting to see little bits of surges at the community level as they’re opening up,” Fauci told the Sacramento Press Club on Wednesday. “I think that from the administrative standpoint, that you have a good handle on what things to do.”

California joins more than two dozen states seeing an increase in their numbers of new infections. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control on Thursday estimated that roughly 20 million Americans could have been infected with the virus, which is significantly higher than Johns Hopkins University’s estimate of 2.4 million people as of Thursday afternoon.

China’s first new crown mRNA vaccine was approved for clinical use, and Watson biology and Suzhou biomedical enterprises participated in the joint development

“Suzhou released” novel coronavirus mRNA vaccine (ARCoV), which was jointly developed by Suzhou Abbott biotech Co., Ltd., joint military academy of Sciences, and Yunnan Watson biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd in June 26th, was approved by the State Drug Administration and Supervision Bureau in June 19th. This is the first mRNA vaccine approved to carry out clinical trials in China, and also the first mRNA vaccine to enter clinical trials after the completion of animal attack experiments in the world.